Sunday, 17 August 2014

La Metallique Fair !!



WoW so many awesome and creative design in La Metallique Fair ... how u can miss it =p

Necklace and Earrings from La Metallique Fair - Zibska - Innogen

Shoes and Bracklet La Metallique Fair - Elysium - Mei (Noir)

Cluth from La Metallique Fair - Cherry - Chromium (Gold)

Pose from  La Metallique Fair - PosESioN - My Glasses

Nail from  La Metallique Fair - Hollyhood - La'Metallic Slink Applicer

Skin from  COLLABOR88 - Belleza - Grace (Med 5)

Dress from COLLABOR88 - Tee'fy - Aphrodite Dress (Classic)

Hair from Lelutka - Serena (Sweeden)

Friday, 15 August 2014

La Metallique Fair is now OPEN!!


Finally La Metallique Fair opened today !!! omg over 40 wonderful designers bring their awesome new design there !!! one time cant post all ...gonna  post more .. stay tune ^^

Glasses from La Metallique Fair - PosESIoN - Dahriel (Silver)
Necklace and Bangles from La Metallique Fair - GizzA - Treasure Set
Dress from La Metallique Fair - E-Clipse - Million Dress (Gold)
Cluth from La Metallique Fair - Zenith - Jewelry Leather Clutch (Cherry)
Shoes from La Metallique Fair - PM - Purpurina Peep Toe Shoes (Steel)
Hair from COLLABOR88 - Lamb - Asteria (Dark Blonde Pack)
Skin from COLLABOR88 - Belleza - Grace (Med 2)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Shops's The Mesh Project Beta




My friend lead me to The Shops last week.. say that mesh body, hands and feet is FREE.. omg ^^, at first is little complicated to use the hud ... but once get it how to... then is cake ^^ nice is body is with applier how lovely !! WOW once u wear the mesh body wowow... love the shoulders very much !!!! ^^ this shape made my boob  and butt look huge lol so i have to shink them lol haha... btw since i didnt get the mesh head ... so i have to use choker to hide the gap on neck....and hope they release more clothes and shoes soon since  just one dress and one pair of shoes can fit the body now.. poor ^^

Mesh Body, Hand and Feet from The Shops - The Mesh Project (Beta) Body, Hands and Feet
Dress and Shoes from The Shops - Freebie Dress and Pumps
Hair from Truth - Dasha
Skin from Glam Affair - Coral (America 06)
Jewellery from Zaara - Nizam Set (color)

Sunday, 13 July 2014

More Shopping with Friend ^^


Oh yes today go shopping with my one of my best friend Kimmy in COLLABOR88 ^^ first i see is Mandala jewelly wow i am their little fans =p so happy see their jewellery in there ... once i see i really fall in love a necklace in blue yay !!! and then see Zenith long dress ohhh look soo relaxing oh yes must get !!^^ the shoes too =p ohhh then search place for pic ... glad my friend 小ben子lead me to one nice and quiet place to take pic ^^ thank your very much  小ben子 hugsssss^^

Dress from Zenith - COLLABOR88 - Bohemian Summer (Summer)
Handbag from Zenith - COLLABOR88 - Leather National Minority Bag (Cream)
Shoes from Zenith - COLLABOR88 - Bohemina String Patform Shoes (Begie)
Necklace from Mandala - Zenith COLLABOR88 - Legacy (Oasis)
Skin from Glam Affair - Zenith COLLABOR88 - Kallisto (Asia06)
Hair and Hat from Clawtooth - Zenith COLLABOR88 - Adveture Girl (Glamorous Blondes Pack)

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hot Summer Holiday ^^


 Today is Sunday !!! should more go out but outside such toooo hot so i willing just stuck in home with ac and doing facial mask ^^ also explore and shopping etc in sl ^^ with diet coka cola !!! hahaha

Shape from Mui - SuperModel IV
Outfit from TESLA - Priscilla Peplum Dress (Moss & Blue)
Hair from Truth - Elaine (Light Blondes)
Nails from Nailed it at Baiastice - The Runway Perfect Set (Mesh)
Skin from COLLABOR88 - Glam Affair -Coral (America01)
Shoes from COLLABOR88 - Hucci Pinup Peep (Moonglow and Midnight)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Honey Bee ^^

Queen Bee-Ize_01

Queen Bee-Ize_02

Today is continue shopping ^^ go to one of my fav store Bare Rose... once i see this ohhhhhhh how can i not click on it and *buy* lol hahah and it just 190L omg ... immediately wear them all haha... it also with Hud for flying like a bee wow  I can fly !! haha gettting crazy !!!

Shape from Mui - SuperModel IV
Custom Outfit from Barerose - Queen Bee-Ize
Pose from agapee - set29:agps_fe304
Hair from COLLABOR88 - Truth - Thelma
Skin from COLLABOR88 - Glam Affair -Coral (Artic 07)

Monday, 12 May 2014

I am back !!!

88 Shopping ^^

 YES YES i am back !!^^ and finally got back my video card ... of cause go to shopping first ^^ COLLABOR88 is hot place to shopping.... soooo many wonderful designers there!!! more shopping ^^ haha gonna broke ^^

Shape from Mui - SuperModel IV
Nails from Nailed it at Baiastice - The Runway Perfect Set (Mesh)
Pose from agapee - set29:agps_fe306
Hair from COLLABOR88 - Lelutka - Penelope (Sookie)
Skin from COLLABOR88 - Glam Affair -Coral (America05)
Shades from COLLABOR88 - Intrigue co. - Twitterpated Shades Blue
Halter from COLLABOR88 - Tres Blah - Red
Skirt from COLLABOR88 - Tres Blah - Red Floral
Purse from COLLABOR88 - Schadenfreude - Pink Polka Dot GooGooMuck Purse
Shoes from COLLABOR88 - HH - Hucci Pleasantille Pump - Blue