Tuesday, 30 September 2008

L$1 Member Award by Spakle Skye Designs !!!



Last 2 days Sparkle Skye just announed in her group about week 3 member award wowow omg ... she made the members all excited lol of course included me also excited ^^ i was there wait her released this member award dress wooo omg just L$1 wowo how wonderful ... how to get this dress ? first u have to be member of course ^^ and put Sparkle Skye Designs store in your pick ... then u will get it yay !!!

Member Award Gown from Sparkle Skye Designs - Madame X - Teal Ball Gown

Necklace from Alienbear Design - Carmellia (Release Soon)

Hair from ::69:: - Still (Fadedbrown)

Skin from Celestial Studio - Vogue Skin - Pure (Spring - Vernal)

Monday, 29 September 2008

Autumn Arrived ?




Ohhh i feels Autumn came when i walk out this morning ... just 26C feel so comfort and relax yay i love Autumn !!! so i do want some glam look today =p ... ohh remembered i got outfit from Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa really love the style ... specially the handbag how cute !!! and this system skirt how elegant ^^

Outfit from Baiastice - Goldet

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear Design - Pearl Teardrop Set (Deep Black)

Hair from ETD - Cora (Blonde)

Shoes from TESLA - Marie Shoes (Black)

Skin from Celestial Studio - Vogue Skin - Pure (Ether-Nothing)

Eyes from Simtropia - Stone Spot

Eyelashes from Lynnix - Thick and Long

Sunday, 28 September 2008




OMG more produce M&M, Snicker and Kraft's Oreo have Melamine such horrible :(( really feels sad about how come ppl that crazy add Melamine inside milk ... such shame :(( ....i realy love this Sky Everett's hair omg i wear it even sleeping over 1 week lol !!! it really look classic and elegant ^^ time to shampoo =p ... i got this gown last week u know how can i resist pink haha wowo i love so cute on it ^^ wowo ... Nicky's dress always good on texure and shading ^^ ...and then begged Alienbear pls made pink color jewelery set match this gown when she was crazy busy lol^^ haha... she almost kicked me to water =p JK ... how can she resisted my beg with my puppy eyes ^^!!!

Gown from Nicky Ree - Darling Didi (Pink)

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear Design - Chiara (hot pink) Release Soon

Hair from Sky Everett Designs - Kiera Black Hair

Shoes from Maitreya - Slinky stilettos (Fuchsia)

Skin from Celestial Studio - Vogue Skin - Pure (Celestial - Astral)

Eyes from Simtropia - Violetish

Saturday, 27 September 2008

No More Slack =p




This dress i got it from Rfyre 3 weeks+ and i would like take pic with my new pc but my friend was too busy keep delay and delay to build pc to me :( ... so i almost forgot i have this dress lol shhhhhh ^^ till Jonny Tobias say * NO more slack Mui !!!* LOL hehe ... that reminded me i have this lovely dress !!! this dress was designed for black swan show so u could see the feather on skirt, sleeves, hat and the cloak ... the top and feather texture is really detail ... and love the cloak flexi movement make me feel i am flying when walking ^^... one thing is dont like the hat eat my eyelashes lol hehe so i attached hat to chin ... may be i am silly i cant live without eyeslash lol hahaa ^^ ..... for some reason i feel i look like wizard hehe may be Halloween in next month =p so i choosed boots to match this dress ^^

Outfit from RFyre - Black Flame II

Boots from STilletto Moody - Bitch Bootie (BB Heel)

Skin from Celestial Studio - Vogue Skin - Pure (Canimal Glow - Red)

Hair from Celestial Studio - Halloween Enchantress Hair (Carrot) Retired

Manicure from Nevermore Studio - Purrfect Nails - Tart

Monday, 22 September 2008

Guess I AM Back !!^^

Alienbear Designs Member Gifts




OMG i guess i really back this time if nothing more bad happen of my life ... did body check seems i was too stressful made my body uncomfortable...i am trying less beer lol but not sure i can lol ... summer time here still 34C + in daytime hope Autumn come soon ... I got new LCD this was not my first choice since Dell CS gave me wrong information and then they not willing change to me even i complained ... and i found out Hong Kong's Dell CS totally moved to China so the CS service such sux :(( i was so mad and angry but i dont really course of it made me bad mood all day so ok ok ... just tell myself just save more money to buy another new LCD for dual monitor lol ... on the other hand got my new pc last 2 days but SL not support my new video card GF GTX 260 and new Nvidia driver such annoying :( well i found some temp fix in SL website ... well life is life ... i hope everything getting ok in my life ...

ok back to SL ^^ Alienbear released Member gifts Scepters in 3 color gold, silver and dark wowow how fanistic !!! woo i love them all !!! and Amaterasu Memeber Special set 50% discount with necklace, mini crown and pair of earrings just L$315 !!! they all just for Alienbear Design group member and in Alienbear Member Shop