Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Blissssssssssssssssss !!^^



Gown from Bliss Couture - Babii (Gold and Maroon)

Hair from Bliss Couture - Elaine (Saffron), Suki (Savier)

Jewelery from Alienbear Designs - Mimmi Set

Skin from Dutch Touch - Jolie

Face Tatto from White Widow - Rose

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

m0 Halloween !!!^^




Hallowen Gown from Agnes Finney - Lucida (Red-Special Edition for Halloween)

Jewellery from Alienbear's Designs - Bloody Queen Rohesia Set

Hair from Sparkle Skye Designs - Sayuri (Smoke)

Skin from Dutch Touch - Jolie (Cream - CatsEyesRed)

Face Tatto - White Widow - Skeleton

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Halloween Coming Sooooon ^^





wow time go very fast!!! Halloween Soon ^^ Party party !! wow ..
yes have to prepare Hallween stuff !! Alienbear just designed Pandora
jewelery set to match Nicky's Night Magic Collection for Hallween ....
and those have many color should one fit you ^^

Gown from Nicky Ree - Night Magic (included feather hair and also have male version)

Jewelery from Alienbear Designs - Pandora

Skin from Dutch Touch - Jolie (Cream)

Face Tatto from White Widow

Thursday, 19 August 2010

New Shape ^^ SuperModel IV Shape !!

SuperModel IV_AD (2)

ohhh tooo busy !!! havent release shape long time lol ... this time i use Chaisuki's Vienna skin.. such wonderful and gorgeous !!! once i wear this skin i tell myself i must to make shape to fit it !!! spent month + finally released =p yay !!!

Shape from MUI - SuperModel Shape IV

Outfit from Nicky Ree - Elizabeth (Black)

Jewelery from Alienbear's Designs - Mayur (Black) - Earrings is Teal not release yet

Shoes from Stiletto Moody - Bare Brigitte

Skin from Chaisuki - Vienna

Hair from Truth - Eva (Tahiti)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My frist Nicky's gown ...some good memory

My First NickyRee Dress ^^

My friend reminded me my rez day in Aug ... and 4 yrs in SL ... OMG i feel i am getting old and old ... >.< ... time go fast ... and then reminded me my first Nicky's dress which is one of my best friend gift to me in feb before my RL birthday 2007 ^^ thanks Zara !!! really thanks her introduced me Nicky's store and then can to be Nicky's friend !!! i am soo happy and thanks god can to be Nicky's friend !! Thanks your support and you teach me a lot of thing yay !!! hug hug and kissss yay !!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Congrats My Precious Queen Semi Final !!!

Wow Congrats Enchanteddreams Bebb, Cieleste Magic, Pure Nikolaidis, LadyKath Avon, Xandrah Sciavo, Serene Faith in My Precious Queen Semi Final !!! All girls was look gorgeous !!! really hard to seclect those 6 girls, see all girls Here .. good luck in final =p... Btw the Queen Contest still continu ... detail pls come to Agnes Finney Main Store to get the notecard ^^ Good Luck !!!

Monday, 26 July 2010

m0 Pants =p



So happy ah !!! friend told me i look good on pants after last blog ah ^^ so i try more wear pants and blog more pants style ^^ Armidi on sale !!! i got more sunglasses, coat, jumpsuit etc from online store ... bankrupt ... and suddely found my fav hand bag yay .. i almost forgot ... here still hot like crazy ... still 3 shower per day =p heheh ...

Corset from href="">Nicky Ree - Part of Florence (Black)

Shirt, Pant from Nicky Ree - Lady Darcy (Black and Silver White)

Earrings from Alienbear's Designs - Almas (Gold - Black)

Skin from Dutch Touch - Jolie (Cream - KissMe)

Shoes from Stiletto Moody - Bare Bette (Black)

Sunglasses from Armidi or Armidi Online Shop - Fi Umo (Black Turtoise / Black lens)

Ring from Zaara - Kashiti booble ring (onyx)

Handbag from Celestial Studios - Hobo Bag (Leopard)

Hair from Lamb - Witch (Butter)

Monday, 19 July 2010

ohhh I wear pants lol

New Bliss Hair_01

New Bliss Hair_02

For some reason, ppls suprise when i wear pants =p may be i always wear skirt or gown =p i love wear pants but i love wear skirt/gown when i go out ^^ keep my elegant image ^^/laugh ^^This top and pants i got them from Lelutka Show .. love them very much just was too busy(lazy) to take pic^^ ... BTW Bliss's New Store just opened !!! many lovely and fun hair there ... how u miss it... love this hair made me look soo pretty ^^ so once see it and take those pic immediatly !!! will show u more when i have time to try them all ^^... now i just wish Autumn come faster cause i am melting !!! day day 33 C ... hot hot die lol

Hair from Bliss Couture Hair - Carmen

Earrings, Braclets and Ring from Alienbear's Designs - Le Fleur Antique Gold (Yellow)

Top and Pants from !Ohmai - Silhouettes Contour

Skin from Dutch Touch - JoLie (Cream - KissMe)

Shoes from Stiletto Moody - Bare Mae (GoldBlack)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Miss Bliss Couture 2010 !!!

Miss Bliss Couture 2011 AD-jpg

OMG Miss Bliss 2010 contest started !!! Following is detail from Miss Bliss Couture 2011 Announcement notecard ... IM me in world if u want notecard.


Hello Ladies!!!
We are excited to announce the start of the MISS BLISS COUTURE 2011 model search. We are looking for a lady that represents the essence of Bliss Couture, glamour and style! We encourage fresh faces in SL to enter our pageant.

Last year was an amazing experience for all of us at Bliss Couture. Our MISS BLISS COUTURE OF 2010, Mimmi Boa, continues her reign as our beautiful and talented Miss Bliss Model.

The overwhelming response from the lovely ladies of sl was very exciting. This year we want to provide an incredible opportunity for our contestants. Please carefully follow the instructions below so that your application will be eligible for the model search.

The competition begins wednesday July 7th. We will accept entries the 1st through the 15th of each month (August, September, October and November). After the 15th of each month the contest will be closed until the 1st of the next month. Only for this month the entrants can submit their photos from wednesday July 7th to wednesday 21st. The final MISS BLISS COUTURE 2011 Pageant will be held in January 2011.
All ladies that submit an eligible application will have their photo displayed in the Bliss Couture Model Search for the entire duration of the contest.

At the end of each month 4 ladies will be selected from the pool of entries. Those 4 ladies from each month will move to the final phase of the MISS BLISS COUTURE 2011 Model Search and receive a Bliss Couture Model Finalist tag. They will also receive a Fat Pack of a Bliss Couture New Release of their choice.

All ladies are eligble to re-enter the next month contest if not selected as that month's final 4.

Step 1 - You MUST be a member of the "Bliss Couture" Group to join this contest. There are many exciting advantages of being a "Bliss Doll". If you are not already a group member there is an "auto group inviter" at our Flagship Store

Step 2 - Join "THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers" Group. All notices and results will be announced only in this group.

Step 3 - You must have Bliss Couture in your picks.

Step 4 - Models will prepare a Notecard (this is your application) named - MISS BLISS COUTURE 2011 (YOUR NAME). You will attach your photos (see step 5) and a short statement on why you believe you are the best choice for MISS BLISS COUTURE 2011 .

Step 5. - Models will submit photos of themselves wearing a dress or outfit from BLISS COUTURE. There are NO limitations on the use of accessories from other vendors. Accessories are left to the discretion of the model.
One full body and one headshot 512 X 512 (FULL PERM) each. Full body photos will be judged on styling, while headshots will judged based on visual appeal of the model. Please send your entry on a Notecard to BOTH Caymon Zhora and Pleasure Babii.
Label your entry MISS BLISS COUTURE 2011 (YOUR NAME).

Step 6 - The 20 girls selected from the monthly entries will participate in the January 2011, finale at the new BOSL 4 sim Auditorium. Specific details will be given to all finalist on what to wear and prepare for the finale.

Miss Bliss Couture 2011 will be the Face of Bliss Couture and appear in most vendor ads for new releases, and will exclusively be the model in all print advertising for magazines and other media. Miss Bliss Couture 2011 will be given priority for all modeling jobs available, only being replaced in the event of her being unavailable.


The top 10 finalists will receive a professional photoshoot, and their choice of any one fatpack of a new release Bliss Couture dress or outfit.

The top 5 finalists will all become Bliss Couture models, and be hired for various modeling work within the company. In addition to the prizes for the top 10, the top 5 girls will also each receive a $5000L gift card from Bliss Couture.

Miss Bliss Couture will be awarded a specially designed diamond jewelry set from Virtual Impressions. She will also be given all future Bliss Couture releases throughout her reign (one year), 30,000L Cash Prize and of course the title of Miss Bliss 2011.

The winner will also receive an invitation to Boulevard Agency and an interview for BOSL Magazine.

Good Luck to all of you and we'll see you on the runway!

Amutey DeCuir
Bliss Couture CEO

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Mui Lace Dress ^^



WoW Agnes designed a dress and name is MUI ^^ well she dont tell me this dress is for my name LOL and many Mui in RL and SL ^^ so yay to all Mui in SL and RL =p!!! lace + flower how gorgeous and sexy ... who dont love sexy, in RL i dont have chance wear this kind of dress unless in bedroom lol ... lucky we can wear everywhere in SL hehe... Also Congrats NX Nardcotix reopen her store yay Congrats !!! yay m0 shoes !!! shoes never enough (not just shoes mk=p) ^^

Dress from Agnes Finney - Mui Lace Dress

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear's Designs - KrisCar Queen Set

Shoes from NX Nardcotix - MANA Breezie Stiletto (White)

Skin from Dutch Touch - Jolie (Cream - Autumn)

Hair from Tukinowaguma - Tanned A Gold

Friday, 4 June 2010

Alienbear + Bliss + Mimmi= ?^^

Bliss Couture Luxury Fashion Show Ad

Alienbear + Bliss + Mimmi = ? hehe how can u miss this show !!! see u there !!!

Date : 5th June 2010, 1PM

Location : Bliss+Alienbear Show Stage

Monday, 24 May 2010

ohhhh Marry Me?....^^




Nicky Ree's Hibiscus Rose Gown is one of my fav and she just made the white color for the Bridal wow ^^ how wonderful !!! it such perfect for summer wedding party ... i wish i could find my Mr Right lol ...

Bridal Gown from Nicky Ree - Bridal Hibiscus Rose Collection (Silver White)

Skin from Dutch Touch - JoLie (Cream - KissMe)

Jewelery from Paper Couture - Diamond Pearl Menagerie Set

Hair from booN - GIC128 (Mat)

Friday, 21 May 2010

Agnes May Fashion Show !!

May Fashion Show Ad2 jpeg

Agnes May Fashion Show sponsor by Alienbear Design and Stiletto Moody !!!... How can u miss it ^^

Date : 22nd May, 9am and 5pm

Place : Agnes Dream Runway

Thursday, 15 April 2010

I love Butterfly !!!





My friend Yuriko Muromachi just released her new design which inspired butterfly wow how wonderful !!! you know i love butterfly very much ... really love this dress and feel butterfly fly around me wow !!! Yuriko Muromachi is very nice for her member !!! Dark Butterfly in Ebony just 45L for Silver Rose Designs Group Members !!! how can u resist this member special ^^ member special discount price from now till 21st April 2010 ... dont too late !!

Dress from Silver Rose Designs - Dark Butterfly (Ebony color is 45L for member till 21st April 2010)

Jewelery from Alienbear's - Ambroisa (Black) & Sirvart (Pink)

Shoes from Stiletto Moody - Bare Lana

Skin from Dutch Touch - Jolie (Cream - LilacEyes)

Hair from Sky Everett Designs - Lady Sophia (Black)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Ohhh More St Patrick Day Stuff =p




oh yes i see more ppl wear green =p so i have to get some green on me ^^ even i dont really like green... specially *green hat* ^^ Nicky just really a sexy dress with the Clover pattern for the St Patrick day ... first she made green color then think her fans may be love more color ^^ so Nicky made more color next day ^^ oh yes St Patrick day we can wear Green Clover with Pink ^^ yes i love pink hahaha.... and now the Clover Green color is Special Discount for Nicky Ree's Fashion Designs Member just 380L till 18th March 2010 WoW how u can miss ^^ and i feel it match Alienbear's Irish Celtic Jewelery set same as Clover ^^ i tried find some green shoes but donno why feel i like golden shoes .... yes may be i am truly material girl lol ^^

Gown from Nicky Ree - St Pat's Clover Gown (Green Color is 380L Special Price for Nicky Ree's Member till 18th March)

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear's Designs - Irish Celtic Set

Shoes from Stiletto Moody - Bare Katherine (Gold Diamante)

Skin from Dutch Touch - JoLie (Cream)

Hair from Tukinowaguma - Princess (Gold)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

St. Patrick Day - Silver Rose Hunting !!^^



ohh i see many ppl wear green ohh reminded me St. Patrick day arrived =p time go fast this is is my 4th St. Patrick day but i almost forgot lol ... normally i dont like green but Silver Rose's St. Patrick day's hunting gift dress love them soo much ... those dress is very well finished and cute yay ^^ i feel i look younger LOL^^ !!! Hunting is from 14th to 20th March 2010 SLT !!! so dont miss them !!! and there also have Group Member ONLY camping Cusion ... you must join the group and camp 8 mins to get the Miss Clover in purple and Elinor in Lavender wow !!! Just 8 mins it is worth to camp them !!!

Both Dress from Silver Rose - GIFT from St. Patrick day (Clover Girl and Miss Clover in Green)

Necklace from Alienbear - Gold Green Rosie Necklace

Skin from Dutch Touch - SjORs (Cotton - Lucious)

Shape from Mui - SuperModel III

Hair from Love Soul - 036 (Honey Brown)

Shoes from G Field - Platform Shoes *Rosette" (Brown) was group gift NO more available

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Love of McQueen - Alienbeear and Agnes

Alienbear & Agnes_Mayur_04

Alienbear & Agnes_Mayur_03

Alexander McQueen left us such shock ... at first i cant believe when i heard from news then keep asked friend about is it true :( ... really feel upset and cried about it cause i am big fans of him :( AVENUE Models presents *For the Love of McQueen*, which is 38 fashion designers from the virtual world, Second Life, have come together to lend their support in creating a design that is inspired by McQueen's work and spirit !!! 2 of designers Alienbear and Agnes designed stuff Which is 100% of the sales proceeds will be donaated to the Chairty. Keep A Child Alive, since Alexander McQueen was a known supportor of similar AID/HIV Charityes. yes come help Child !!!!

Necklace, Earrings and Bracklets from Alienbear's Designs - Mayur

Dress from Agnes Finney - Mayur

Skin from Dutch Touch - JoLie (Cream - Autumn)

Hair from Paper Couture - Princess Heidi

Shoes from Maitreya - ChiChi Pumps - Black

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Alienbaer & Sparkle Skye Week2 50L Group Member Special



Wow 25C today feel summer is arrived !!! made me dont want to work ... hehe good excuse to lazy =p i have to blog this few days ago but was really lazy ... Sparkle Skye designed 2 new dress Special Group Member till 28th Feb and Alienbear Group Member Jewelery till 28th Feb too so dont miss them !!!!

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear Member Shop - Magnolia Set (50L Member set till 28th Feb)

Dress from Sparkle Skye - Starla Tea Dress and Aline Ball Gown (50L Group Member set till 28th Feb)

Skin from Dutch Touch - SjORs (Cotton - ILinerWine)

Shape from Mui - SuperModel III

Shoes from Nardcotix -Kurvy T-Strap Mary Jane (Red)

Hair from W&Y - W&Y Hair Collection 2010 Limited

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Alienbear & Sparkle Skye 50L Group Member Special !!!





OMG soo cold today !!! just 8.2 C and i think where i live should just around 5 C !! my finger freezzzzzzzzzzzzze!!!! i dont like on heater which would make my skin dry that i hate so i wear gloves and type lol ^^ and will have hot pot again for dinner this evening ... i love hot pot !!!!

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear's Member Store - Magnolia Set(Softgold Red) Member ONLY from now till 28th Feb 2010

Dress, Gown and Wings from Sparkle Skye Main Store - Starla (50L Group Member Special from now till 21st Feb, and will me more suprise !!!^^Stay Tune)

Shape from Mui - Super Model III

Shoes from Stiletto Moody - Bare Katherine (Red Diamante) 50% from 14th to 20th Feb

Skin from Dutch Touch - SjORs (Cotton - Snow)

Hair from Tukinowaguma - Catherine (Ebony)

Friday, 12 February 2010

Chinese New Year and V day ^^



This year V day also is same day as first day of Chinese New many ppl is busy about how to split the time with family and bf/gf =p i am lucky i dont have this problem ^^ still waiting my MR Right ^^... but was very busy help my mom shopping a lot stuff for this Chinese New Year .. sooo tired !!! Nicky Ree just release new gown Candy and put Red and Pink color just 50L to celebrate V day and Chinese New Year from Now till 14th Feb 1pm SLT !!!! WoW how wonderful !!! yay !!! and Alienbear just release new set of jewelery Rive or love such perfect match of this gown !!! simple and elegant ^^ !!!!

Gown from Nicky Ree - Candy (Pink and Red color 50L till 14 Feb 1 pm SLT)

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear Designs - River of Love (Red and Pink)

Shape from Mui - SuperModel III

Skin from Dutch Touch - SjORs (Cotton - SmokeyLash)

Shoes from Nardcotix - Absinthe Stilettos (Scarlet)

Hair from Paper Couture - Jeweled Headband Updo (Platinum)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

SuperModel III Shape !!!

SuperModel III_AD

I am back to blog ^^ sorry was too busy in RL and SL ... Today finally released my new shape SuperModel III =p this one i use Dutch Touch Skin to make shape ... really love this new Dutch Touch (Sjors) skin look natural and gorgeous ... i normally like smoky and colorful make but once i tried this demo then deep fall in love of this skin lol =p ... but Sjors skin line dont have blonde eyebrow ... so i use little dark blonde hair yay look good with that brown eyebrow too ^^ =p really hope Iki Ikarus would make blonde (light) eyebrow in the future ^^Ohhh yes the dress is by Agnes Finney, love this dressss very much !! Sexy and gorgeous wow !!! i know it also have black color too !!

Shape by Mui Mukerji - SuperModel III

Dress by Agnes Finney - Faith Lace Bridal

Earrings from Alienbear Designs - Almas Gold Earrings (Black)

Skin from Dutch Touch - SjORs (Snow)

Shoes from Stiletto Moody - Bare Katherine (Gold Diamante)

Hair from Truth - Lillian (Sand)