Sunday, 14 December 2008

Unlucky :(

I donno how to start ... some of my friends they already know ... i got cancer ... Uterine Cancer ... doctor said i have to do operation take all female parts out :( ... so 22nd Dec gonna do operation :( such shock and scary ... i still cant believe i got cancer and ask myself why i got cancer ... wish it was just nightmare and nothing happened after woke up :(( ... i know i have to face to it and hope it not expanded before operation :((... i drank and keep eat and eat last few days ... but donno why i feel i mad on myself why i got cancer ... on the other hands really happy and thanks all my friend who already knew ... Thanks all of them support and cheer me up ... i hope i will back asap after operation.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Pic for Nicky Ree's Interview - BoSL Mag Dec

BoSL Magazine Dec - Nicky Ree Interview

BoSL Magazine Dec - Nicky Ree Interview

BoSL Magazine Dec - Nicky Ree Interview

BoSL Magazine Dec - Nicky Ree Interview

BoSL Magazine Dec - Nicky Ree Interview

BoSL Magazine Dec - Nicky Ree Interview

OMG first time to be photographer for Magazine ... omg how excited!!! Thanks a lot Kay Fairey gave me chance hug hug ... i was shocked when she said yes take pic for Nicky Ree 's Interview for BoSL Mag wowow omg ...spent almost a week to take those pic but worth i learnt a lot ... omg omg i stil feel excited lol ... Dec issue such wonderful also have Sissy Pessoa, Sky Everett and MIss Virtual World contestant interview too !!! wanna get a copy of BoSL Mag ? can come to Mythique Island to get just one click on kiosk or IM me in the world... free delievery to you^^

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Shopping Time ^^



Feel little bit cold this morning feel i need wear shower ^^ ... found my winter bathrobe under bed lol must my mom stuck it there when spring came this yr lol ... i think my av also need some sweater to keep warm ^^ Callie Cline have new release of sweather which have 3 size long, med and short !!! i like med size which show my belly button look soo cute ^^ jeans jeans i need jeans =p ahh yes i have Nicky's jeans with have flower pattern .. cute too ^^ yay ... yes time to go shopping ^^

Sweater, Scarf, Cap and Tatto from Callie Cline - Snow Baby Forever Sweater (Sky)

Jeans from Nicky Ree - Abstract Printed Blue Jeans

Hair from Zero Style - Sheila (Raven)

Handbag from Celestial Studios - Hobo Bag (Denim)

Skin from Celestial Studios - DN Vogue Skin - Pure (Last Call - Fishneet)

Boots from Tesla - Ziggy Heels (Heaven)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

What I Was Wear in Dela Show ?^^

RunwayLooks Discover style...Dela with Mui Mukerji3

RunwayLooks Discover style...Dela with Mui Mukerji4

RunwayLooks Discover style..Dela with Mui Mukerji

RunwayLooks Discover style...Dela with Mui Mukerji1

OMG Serinajane Loon who is Timeless Model Agency CEO did awesome work on Dela show(every show!!!) and the pic omg omg ...i stil need to learn how to edit pic etc ... she is crazy hard work even not sleep few day to organize show and take pic etc omg ... is she made by steel ?=p hehe ... Above pic is what was i wear in Dela Sim opening Fashion Show... you can find them in main store ... they all look cute and wonderful ... i am so pround i was one of their model !!! Picture by Serinajane Loon ... Thanks a lot hug hug .. kiss ?^^

Monday, 17 November 2008

I Know I AM Lazy ^^!!



Once i saw this dress from Lookr blog i aleady love it ... simple and elegant wowo what I love ... love the back of top look soo sexy ^^ do my back look smooth?=p lol... Adam Soer is a talent designer who know what we women want^^ ... this morning finally i have time to get this dress yay !!! last week was crazy busy yes very crazy lol... i still feel not recovered lol ... i think i still need more sleep ... suddenly i feel i same as piggie ... eat and sleep lol ... well different is i can turn on pc and on SL lol ^^ may be time to go to do some excerise .... may be ...

Dress from Lookr - Elegente (Red)

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear Design - Miss Virtual World set 2009 (Will Release in Dec)

Shoes from Stilletto Moody - d'Orsay (Silver)

Hair from Celestial Studios - (DN) Vogue Skin - Pure (Vamp - Seduce) on sale atm just L$100 now

Eyelashes from Lynnix - Long and Thick

Eyes from Simtropia - Stone Spot

Sunday, 16 November 2008

After Show ...




ohhh was sooo busy last weekend ... helped Nicky and Alienbear arranged show .. and also had done pic for BoSL mag... also had a show in Couture Sim was such great show even in crazy lag cause sim was full =p... also helped my friend Rusch Raymaker to do styling of her Avenus mag wooo ... omg such crazy.. and i still finding a house for my new sim ... omg soo tired but glad all done good and finally slept 10 hrs last night yay !!! ... i gonan jealsous Nicky who in Singapore atm for vacation ... she told me she booked 3 hrs spa wowowo omg omg ... jealous !! Alienbear also went to Janpan for vacation 2 weeks with her boyfriend !! more jealous !!!=p ... she promised me get me some *grass cake* from Japan hehe yay ...Ohh this gorgeous dress is from show last week ... awesome detail on top and skirt wowo love it sooo much ... u know i love lace which made me have romanitc feel ^^

Gown from RFyre - Empress Women Noir

Tiara from Alienbear Design - Le'Bear II Princess Forehead Tiara

Earrings from Alienbear Design - Le Fleur (black)

Hair from Sky Everett Designs - Sovereign (Black)

Skin from Celestial Studios - (DN)Vogue Skin - Pure (Karma - Fate) L$100 on sale now

Eyes from Simtropia - Stone

Eyeslashes from Lynnix - Long and Thick

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Getting Warm !



Woo so cold this morning just 13C omg feel winter is coming ... yes here winter is around 10c ^^ wish snow here .... white Christmas how romantic ... dreaming^^.... ok woke up !!! i was been Muism's fashion show last week omg how awesome wonderful show ... once i see this Jacket already fell in love with it !!! hah cant resist ^^ feel warm once i wear it ^^ they are many prim to make it thick feel and look like RL coat such awesome finishing !!! and immediatly think what i should wear to match this jacket ? black? not that sharp ... white hmm not match ... ahh remembered Nicky have tux set which color is match but it only male version !!! omg just male not fair !!! =p ... but in SL good is we still can wear male top and pants lol ^^ so i got that set to match this jacket ^^ hope Nicky made this color for female version too ^^ then about what should wear on feet ?? yes boots but tried brown hmm not really good ... then i tried Stiletto Moody boots which can color change ... cant believe gold color prefect match !!! omg such suprised !!!

Jacket from Muism - Yeti (Beige)

Shirt, Vest and Pants from Nicky Ree - Lord Darcy Tux Set (Olive)

Boots from Stiletto Moody - Tall Boot (Gold - Color Change)

Hair from ETD - Tiana (Blonde)

Skin from Celestial Studios - Vogue Skin - Pure (Fall - 1)

Necklace and Earrings from Paper Couture - Pearl Strand Set

Eyes from Simtropia - Brownish

Eyelashes from Lynnix - Long and Thick

Friday, 7 November 2008

Triangle and My Pic in ETD !!! WoW

Tri&Mui_ ETD_Poster_01

Waaaa soooo happy wowow my good friend Triangle and my pic to be ETD 's poster wowow omg /dance wowow and Triangle one is beside me wowowow omg such crazy happy wowow ... i donno how to say how much i happy wowow ... Thank you sooo much Elikapeka hug hug !!!!!... and i also happy is i got random tell everyday where is skin from , where is that little hat from , where is earrings from wowow ... i really happy ppl love my pic wowow yay !!! ok so ... my skin is from Celestial Studios (now is on sale DN skin is L$100 each) ... Earrings from Alienbear Design... Hat from Moxie Polano Haute Style ... IM me in world if u still cant find it ... would love to help u get them ^^

How to your pic to be ETD poster ? so easy just wear any ETD stuff and then take some pic then join ETD gruop in Flickr and add your pic there ... if i not wrong one pic each time ... then your pic have chance to be ETD poster !!! and now ETD is on sale so how u misssed it !!!

Second Closet and Haute Couture Event Nov 15th

Second Closet & Haute Coutue Event

Saturday, 1 November 2008

OMG Suprise Surprise !!



Woo omg soooo suprised got Nominated for the 2008 RUNWAY Model of the Year Awards !! omg omg first feel suprised and then happy all day yay !!^^ and also happy about my friends got nominated too wowow... congrats who got in too ... read here about the detail and the list... Today such busy lol first is Paper Couture have new release wowo of course immediatly fly there shopping heheh... and then CS have sale wowow her DN skin just L$100 each omg i even got some tan skin tone lol since i almost have all pure DN skin tone ... and other skin just L$500 each omg ^^ then ETD on Sale too omg omg omg ... my purse is bleeding blood and my inventory is crying =p

Top and Pants from Paper Couture - Raven Feather Stole

Necklace and Earring from Paper Couture - Diamond Pearl Menagerie Set

Skin from Celestial Studios - Vogue Skin - Pure (Classic Gliter - Silver 1)

Hair from {fascino} - Cocco (Black)

Shoes from Maitreya - Virtue (Patent Black)

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Halloween Witch ..




WoW Halloween coming soon !!! Are you ready some costume for party ? Moxie Polano designed Witch costume for this Halloween !!! wowow sooo cute ... specially love the hat with fur and that socks look more fun fun ... when i was young one of wish could to be witch lol ... dont need go to school, no test, no exam, no homework and dont need wash dish hahah... after meal just made dish disappear !!! have magic make what i want ... more candy and chocolate ... and most importand is can fly ... dont need buy ticket to travel!!^^ wowow how wonderful !!! this is my 3rd Halloween ... every Halloween i must get Witch coustom to continu my dream lol ...

Witch Costume from Moxie Polanos Haute Styles - Sexy Resie Witch Costume

Necklace from Alienbear Design - Arachine Spider Web Dark Metal Necklace

Pose from Vago - Faery

Hair from Zero Style - Orie (Pink but i tinted it to match the socks^^)

Shoes from Shiny Things - Tuli Pumps (Black)

Skin from Celestial Studios - (DN) Vogue Skin - Pure (Celestial - Eternal)

Eye from Simtropia - Purple

Friday, 24 October 2008

Head Off .... Scary ?^^


My friend Triangle Caudron just back to SL yay !!! She reopen her store and put out her Ghost's outfit sell from L$1 and other is 50% off !!! omg omg go get them before she change her mind and took them back again lol ... hehe today she suddenly called me go get some *pretty* thing ... wowo pretty thing wowowo omg of course fly immediatly ^^ hahah that *pretty* thing is HEAD OFF lol hahaha well first i feel it is little scary but then feel soo cute wowow yay ... and we play araound and took some pic haha masss fun hahaha ... want this head off too ? it is FREE in LITTLE HEAVEN ^^ heeh Halloween gonan more fun !!!

From Left to Right is Triangle Caudron , Helianthus Mesmer , Morgan Kincess and Me ^^ we look cute right ?^^

More Halloween ... Fareie ^^




WoW just got notice from Sparkle Skye Designs Group New Release for Halloween in Special Price L$500 per set till 31st Oct ... it include Gown, Wings and Wand omg omg what a bargin !!! wonderful texture and that pumpkins prim on skirt sooo cute !!! it have other skirt without pumpkins just rose but i love thos pumpkins sooo much !!! ^^ it prefect match the wings ... wand can on and off sparkle just one touch ... and Sparkle designed hair to match this set too woo wonderful !!! ... woo yay to be Halloween Fareie !!! ^^

Gown, Wings and Wand from Sparkle Skye Designs - Harvest Fareie Gown (Special Price L$500 per set till 31st Oct)

Hair from Sparkle Skye Designs - Dyan - Flame Curl (can sparkle on and off)

Skin from Celestial Studios - (DN) Vogue Skin - Pure (Drama Queen - Trash)

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Halloween !!! Spider Queen ^^








RL and SL alraedy full of Halloween feel yay !!! i have to prepare for Halloween party in RL and SL ^^ in SL I deep love of Nicky Ree new release Spider Queen ... many option skirt u can choose... so u can choose to be cute, classic, royal, wild and sexy Spider Queen ^^ u never disapoint of Nicky's texture and detail !!! awesome finishing !! i was looking any skin to match it finally i feel this OLD skin is prefect match but already not available in SL anymore :( this skin and hair is from Celestial Studios+Last Call's Halloween Special Edition 2007 ... many of my friend asked me about this skin and hair but not sure do Celestial Studios would release this year since they have new Halloween set this year ... so may be IM and/or send notecard to Starley Thereian about it.

Dress from Celestial Studio - Spider Queen and Princess (Red and Pink)

Necklace, Earring and Mini Crown from - Alienbear Design - Princess Amaterasu Set (Gold/Red and Silver/Hot Pink)

Shoes from Stilletto Moody - Bitch Bootie (BB Heel)

Pose from Vago - Faery, Glam and Sunday Morning set

Skin and Hair from Celestial Studio - The Halloween Enchantress (RETIRE)

Eyelashes from Lynnix - Long and Thick

Eyes from Simtropia - Silver

Friday, 17 October 2008

Runway Kidz One Year Anniversary Celebration !!!


Six Shows. Three Parties. One Big Event.

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Street and Urban Fashion Show - 2PM SLT Runway Kidz

New Fashion Designers Show - 5PM SLT Runway Kidz


Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Goth and Neko Fashion - 2PM SLT Runway Kidz

Skin and Hair Fashion Show - 5PM SLT Runway Kidz Lion Skins & PXL will be showing new skins not released yet to the public at this show!

Runway Kidz Public party at Tempura Island Ballroom

7 - 9 pm slt - DJ Azufr3 Catteneo
9-11pm slt - Djane Dahni Ella
11-1am slt - DJane Summer Deadligh


Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Class SL Fashion Designers Show - 2PM SLT Runway Kidz

Couture Fashion Designers Show - 5PM SLT BOULEVARD AGENCY

Formal Ball - 7 - 10pm slt at THE RED ROOM

DJ Summer Deadlight

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Marry me ?...





My good friend Sparkle Skye dropped me her new release ... OMG it made me want to marry lol ... it is such my dream wedding dress !!! Prim pink rose on top, arms and on skirt wowow omg how wonderful finishing !!! and the lace raised up the romantic feels ^^ wowo romantic yay all wedding must have that romantic feels ... somone once see me said hmm sparkle skirt hmm but dont worry gown's skirt with and without sparkle so u can choose what u want!!! Sparkle Skye really nice and know what we need ... Package included Ceremony gown, Reception gown, Train gown and Tea dress ... so after wedding u still can wear train gown for ball and wear tea dress for party/shopping ^^ ohh yes if dont like pink there alos have red rose, black rose too !!! wanna get marry ?^^ btw i still waiting Alienbear made me ring or i would never marry !!! hear me Alienbear ???!!!! my life is on her hands .... >.<

Weddings Gown from Sparkle Skye Designs - Adored (Pink Rose)

Shoes from Sparkle Skye Designs - Cinderella Jeweled Glass Slippers (Crystal)

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear Design - Princess Carita (White)

Hair from Sky Everett Designs - Kiera (Black)

Skin from Celestial Studio - (DN) Vogue Skin - Pure (Celestial - Astral)

Halloween is Coming !!^^


Ohhh got a note from VictoriaV about Halloween gift omg suddenly feel time go fast ... my 3rd Halloween in SL ... poor my inventory gonna cry lol ^^ Free gift and hunting those increase a lot items every Halloween and Christmas ... well time to tidy up my inventory which 100k+ items such crazy lol really hate when i need clear cache lol ... btw i really love this Gift when i got it because it is PINK !!! hahaha CUTE ^^ how to get it ? search PUMPKIN in VictoriaV Fashion Main store ... Halloween reminded me this Free 10 Broom from Little Heaven but i dont see they put up this yr again :( i just IM'ed creator hope she put back ... well just hope ^^

Free Witch Dress and Hat from VictoriaV Fashion Main store - Sexy Halloween Witch Present

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear Design - Arachine Web (Dark) 2007 Halloween Collection

Broom from LITTLE HEAVEN - Lovely Witch Broom (Free Gift Last Year)

Hair from Zero Style - Midori (Black)

Shoes from Maitreya - Mishima Dawn (Patent Liquorice)

Skin from Celestial Studio - (DN) Vogue Skin - Pure (Last Call - G-String)

Manicure from Nevermore Studio - Raven

Monday, 13 October 2008

Nicky Ree's Annunal Sale still going till 15th Oct !!



Nicky Ree's Annual sale till 15th Oct ... New release Barbara gown is 40% off just L$600 only !!! and Nicky add'ed 3 more color my fav silver and power pink !!! omg how can i miss them lol ^^

Dress from Nicky Ree - Barbara Gown N Dresses (Silver)

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear Designs Member shop - Princess Amaterasu Special Member Set 50% discount

Hair from Truth - Di (Silver)

Skin from Celestial Studio - Vogue Skin - Pure (Classic Glitter - Silver 1)

Shoes from J's - Real Toe Cross Belt Pumps (Silver)

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Nicky Ree Designs Annual Sale 2008 !!!

NIcky Ree Designs 2008 SALE !! 10% to 50% sale

Woo Nicky Ree Designs sale is for all now !!! from 10% to 50% off!!! (other designer stuff is NOT on Sale) .... even new realse Barbara Gown is 40% off now and add'ed few more my fav color!!! Sale till 15th Oct how can u miss it ^^

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Happy Birthday Dorothy Wills !!!



One of my best friend Dorothy Willis who from Hong Kong too is Birthday Today !!! Happy Birthday to you !! Happy Birthyday to you !!! ohh i am singing ^^ hehe Congrats she gonna getting old as me lol ^^ ... really wish she have wonderful B day !!! yay !! btw she put her Sunday Morning Pose pack to L$1 for celebate her B day wowo omg omg which a wonderful modeling pose how can u missed them =p and her other pose is 50% even her awesome Mermaid pose wow !!! sale till 10th Oct so hurry go get them !!!

L$1 Pose from Vago by Dorothy Wills - Sunday Morning Pose Pack

Dress from Hexed - Patches

Hair from ::69:: - Model Hair 02 (Lightbrown)

Shoes from J's - Real Toe Tassele Wedge Sole Sandals (Beige and Blue)

Bound Bolo from Last Call (Closed) - Antique Gold and Brushed Steel

Skin from Celestial Studio - (DN) Vogue Skin - Pure (Celestial - Astral, Eternal and Ethereal)

Eyes from Simtropia - Blueish, Greenish and Brownish

Sunday, 5 October 2008

After Fully Woke up =p




Woo i feel much better woke up today ... feel fully energy again =p this is one of outfit i wear in the BoSL Anniversity show yesterday and one of my fav ^^... hehe yes i wear pants again !!! lol ^^ oh yes my good friend Dorothy Wills designed some awesome model pose woo really love them !!! and they are in affordable and reasonable price just L$50 each !!! omg !!! this goth skin is given for show love the lace Pattern on the face which look gorgeous !!! u can see i look diffrent ? yes i adjusted my shape to match this skin ... smaller eyes and lips ^^ look good ?^^

Outfit from RFyre - Dalliance Noir

Earrings and Mini Crown from Alienbear Design - Princess Amaterasu (Red)

Pose from Vago - Bellezza (L$50 each - 5 pose pack L$200)

Hair from Philotic Energy - Tamora (Black)

Skin from PULSE - Skin1 Tone 0 m21

Shoes from Maitreya - Mishima Dawn (Patent Liquorice)

Eyes from Simtropia - Silver

Manicure from Nevermore Studio - Purrfect Nails (Raven)

Eyelashes from Lynnix - Long and Thick