Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Getting Warm !



Woo so cold this morning just 13C omg feel winter is coming ... yes here winter is around 10c ^^ wish snow here .... white Christmas how romantic ... dreaming^^.... ok woke up !!! i was been Muism's fashion show last week omg how awesome wonderful show ... once i see this Jacket already fell in love with it !!! hah cant resist ^^ feel warm once i wear it ^^ they are many prim to make it thick feel and look like RL coat such awesome finishing !!! and immediatly think what i should wear to match this jacket ? black? not that sharp ... white hmm not match ... ahh remembered Nicky have tux set which color is match but it only male version !!! omg just male not fair !!! =p ... but in SL good is we still can wear male top and pants lol ^^ so i got that set to match this jacket ^^ hope Nicky made this color for female version too ^^ then about what should wear on feet ?? yes boots but tried brown hmm not really good ... then i tried Stiletto Moody boots which can color change ... cant believe gold color prefect match !!! omg such suprised !!!

Jacket from Muism - Yeti (Beige)

Shirt, Vest and Pants from Nicky Ree - Lord Darcy Tux Set (Olive)

Boots from Stiletto Moody - Tall Boot (Gold - Color Change)

Hair from ETD - Tiana (Blonde)

Skin from Celestial Studios - Vogue Skin - Pure (Fall - 1)

Necklace and Earrings from Paper Couture - Pearl Strand Set

Eyes from Simtropia - Brownish

Eyelashes from Lynnix - Long and Thick