Friday, 30 May 2008

Excited ^^





OMG i am super busy to choose dress for BoSL award show ... when i still exploring around ... my good friend Jonny Tobias log on he lead me to House of RFyre and show me around ... and then Raven Pennyfeather logged on and showed us dresss what i want wowowo her dress really creative and gorgeous ... she dropped me her new release to me wowo love this texture look rich and u can see the socks wowo love this gold color yes i am material girl !!! hahaa ... thanks a lot Raven !!! hug hug... ok gonan keep on find more dress ^^

Dress from House of RFyre - Fervor (Antique Gold)

Earrings from Alienbear Design - Le Fleur Antique Gold (Yellow)

Shoes from Armidi - Rio Beleza Wedge (Faux Pony-Gold)

Sunglasses from Armidi - Fi Umo Sungleses (Turtoise Fog/Gold Lens)

Hair from Aden Fae (Blonde)

Skin from Celestial Studio - Vogue Skin - Pure (Classic Glitter - Silver1)

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Cute Cute !!!^^

Triangle Caudron call me about Honey Kitty have new release wowo of casue fly there to chk waaa omg soooo cute and of casue get my fav color PINK !!!! waaa such cute ... but then Tri offline for studying (trust her?!! NO )... so call her and talk to her about how cute i am ahah i know she will log on SL and take pic wth me lol hahaa ... see we look soooooooooooooo Cute !!! This dress have 4 skirt and with/without ribbon version !! wanna see more Tri and I cute pic ? go Tri's Flickr

Dress and Socks from Honey Kitty - Summer Dress (Candy and Cream)

Shoes from Shiny Things - Lollies (Cream)/ Skyliner (Pink)

Hair from Zero Style - Beth (Black)

Skin from Celestial Studio - (DN) Vogue Skin - Pure (Ether - Empty)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

DVNO - Play You Tube Video in SL ?!!!!!

DVNO01- Play You Tube Video in SL !!
my fav korean drama Kim Sam Soon !!!

Have u dream about play You Tube video in SL ?.... Fox Dilller spent almost a month to make this player which can play You Tube video in SL !!! now available in The Best of Boulevard ... i was there and testing ... omg such high quality !!! Fox Rocks !!! wowow ...they have 3 size ....i am still thinking which size i should get... huge ?...

I just got the large size wowo it work very good and good quality and easy to use if could play with playlist should be much better ^^

Friday, 23 May 2008

Prom Queen ^^




sooo hot this morning when i just woke up ... all sweaty must shower ^^ =p i really feel summer arrived ... time to go to beach but my diet plan still not sucess:( ... i better hiding and drink beer ^^ of cause with SL =p ... oh yes VictoriaV just release new gown love that top look like full of diamond and gem look soo rich and gorgeous ... and this high waist cutting such classy ... VictoriaV designed this gown with Alienbear Designs's Carita Jewelery set but i love this Le Fleur set really cant take it off ^^ even sleep, shower and etc lol ...

Dress from VictoriaV Fashion - Prom Queen 2008 (Pink)

Necklace, Earrings, Braclets and Ring from Alienbear Design - Le Fleur Set (Hot Pink)

Hair from ETD - Cora (Smoke)

Skin from Celestial Studio - Vogue Skin - Pure(Last Call - Hotpants)

Shoes from Maitreya - Slinky Stilettos (Patent Silver)

Eyes from Simtropia - Violetish

Eyelashes from Lynnix - Long and Thick

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Marie Antoinette ^^

le fleur_05

le fleur_01

le fleur_02

le fleur_03

le fleur_04


ohh i almost forgot blog this dress after uploaded pic on My Pic in Flickr last few days =p (lazy+busy) ^^ yes i was crazy busy about Nicky and Fleur's Spring Ball .. CJ really make a awesome ballroom for it !! now i want it for my skyhouse !!! ... Fleur's Le Fleur skin and Alienbear Designs's Le Fleur which is for match Nicky Ree's Le Fleur dress ... see how wonderful !!! I changed little bit of my shape to match this royal skin but little bit sleepy look ^^ my friends once see me wear this Le Fleur dress with royal hair say i look like Marie Antoinette then i search who is her !! ohhh she was wife of Louis XVI ohhhh and I searched movies about it and watched it hahaah... oh love this Marie Antoinette movies ... story just so so but a lot of elegant clothes, hair, shoes and jewelery !!! omg when i searched more just noticed this movies 2006 Academy Award Winner- Best Costume ... can watch Marie Antoinette's Trailer in here ... hope u like too ^^ really love watching this movies and dreaming !!!^^

Dress from Nicky Ree - Le Fleur Baroque Gown (Red)

Necklace,Earrings and ring from Alienbear Design - Le Fleur Antique Gold Set (Red)

Skin from Fleur Skin - Fleur Vivant Blush Le Fleur

Fan and Fan AO from M&F - Trimfeathered Fan (Black)

Hair from Curl Upand Dye Salon - Antoinette (Blonde) / Duchess (Blonde)

Eyes from Simtropia - Honey Spot

Friday, 16 May 2008

Spring Ball !!!


You all got invited to Nicky Ree, Fleur Skin, Alienbear Designer, Random Colliope , Calla, Curl up and Dye, Illustion and other designer's Spring Ball !!! SL Top Models show New dress, New skin, New hair and New Jewelery and more and moer ^^ Wooo NEW !!! Live performer !!! how u can miss !!!

Time : Saturday 17th may 12 NOON - 3 PM SLT
Location : Tropical Orchid

Thursday, 15 May 2008




May 12 a powerful earthquake happened in southeast China's Sichuan Province, TV news keep talk about it and i watch many many ppl injuiced and dead really feel hurt and upset /cry... but on the other hand I feel I am so lucky I live in Hong Kong with my family ... I feel I have to more love who around me and more care who around me ... of cause more love myself (more beer? lol) ... and more forgive other ... just spend energy to love and care who worth ...

Dress from Nicky Ree - Laura Gown (Teal)

Jewelery Set from Alienbear Design - Princess Carita (Teal)

Shoes from Maitreya - Slinky Stillettos (Patent Silver)

Hair from Celestial Studio - Whitney (Shadow)

Skin from Celestial Studio - Vogue Skin - Pure (Classic Glitter - Silver 1)

Monday, 12 May 2008

SL Love me? Hate me ?=p



I was so happy one of tenant decorate his house look like garden and full of differnt color of flower on beach !!! impressive !!! of cause get some pic woo feel SL such wonderful how beautiful etc ... but suddenly pose not work, cant attach anything, cant delete object hmmm ... chk on website SL down cause have server problem !( i would like take more pic but SL hate me !!! hope it back asap !!! ok gonna get more beer ^^

Dress and Hat from Paper Couture - Peach Sorbet / Fallen Tree Branch

Hair from ETD - Tyra (Blonde)

Jewelery from Random Colliope - The Gatsby

Shoes from Shiny Things - Brandys (Ecru)

Skin from Celestial Studio - (DN) Vogue Skini - Pure (Ether - Void)

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Elegant ^^




Woke up at 1 am and couldnt sleep back this morning ... may be the weather too hot ... yes summer arrived ... then i found the fan which under the bed lol ^^ i hided it when winter time =p i could on air-con but feel have to save material and keep blue sky ... in here we all say have to save *blue sky white cloud*... so we all have to less on air-con, recycle and split up them ... ok after think about it of casue on pc an on SL =p hehe guess a lot same as me ... brushing teeth and washing face during log on SL !! we all addicted of SL ^^ Today i do love wear something *hot* and elegant !!! and found this hair stuck in my inventory long time ... i almost forgot it !! I love this dress specially back view how sexy and elegant (hot bum?^^) and i started like wear gloves really look gorgeous !!!

Dress from Nicky Ree - Anatasia (Champagne)

Hair from Celestial Studio - Carrie (Wheat)

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear Design - Oriental Airen Set (Black)

Shoes from Shiny Things - Party Pump (Tan)

Skin from Celestial Studio - Vogue Skin - Pure (Classic Glitter - Gold 1)

Eyes from Simtropia - Honey Spot

Monday, 5 May 2008

Queen of Romance





Sparkle Sky just released new gown .... woo how gorgeous and fantastic !!! this dress also can to be wedding dress u know in chinese red means luck ^^ it also have white color released if u love white to be wedding dress ... of cause have long veil and head flower to match ^^ .. for what i know should have more color once Sparkle done the pic of other color... all prim skirt have sparkle or without sparkle effect and have many option ... i love the skirt sparkle with train look soooo classy and romantic !!^^ pack also include wrap and white fur for u in different mood ... i feel i look like the wizard in the Disney movies name Enchanted when on wrap ^^ of cause i look more pretty !!^^ In the same time Alienbear released Cariter set with 8 colors ... the red set match this set very very much !!! one of my friend/tenant once saw me wear it then bought green color necklace ... more happy is once she wear necklace and said *OMG I want all pieces in all color * haha i thought she was kidding =p ^^ finally she really bought all color set wowow !!! /dance !!!

Gown from Sparkle Skye Designs - The Socialite Ruby Red

Jewelery Set from Alienbear Design - Princess Carita Set (Red)

Hair from Curl Up and Dye Salon - Gwenivere II (Black)

Skin from Celestial Studio - (CS) Vogue Skin - Pure (Spring - Fresh)

Eyes from Simtropia - Stone Spot