Monday, 29 October 2007

My New Hair Queen Elizabeth by Sparkle Skye !

Sparkle Skye announed in group about her new hair Queen Elizabeth yesterday woo more hair!!... of cause fly to Allure to try demo !! ..woo omg how gorgeous and classy ... i know i must have it for my wonderful royal gown!! ... Quen Elizabeth hair totally 28 colors ... i choosed this pale gold first... it include 2 size of hair and optional of glow woo how cute ^^ really love it i know i will get more soon !!^^.. it gonan to be my fav hair for gown !!!

Alienbear Design 2007 Halloween Hunting!!

Woo Alienbear Gupte finally set up hunting wowow ... can start in Alienbear Castle click on board and get folder ... inside folder it have note for 1st clue ... wooo how fun !!! Give u hint DO NOT just look for pumpkin ... it would in any kind of object ... read the clue and look around ^^ Good lucky and happy hunting all !!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

ASpiRE! Pink Charity Ball for Breast Cancer Awareness

All ppl there dancing see we look soo lovely even some grey not fully rezzed lol!!!!

caLLie cLine on her Persephone in pink and dancing with pink Pontiqc Solstice ^^

I got invited to ASpiRE! Pink Charity Ball for Breast Cancer Awarness wooo... but was busy helping resident set up house and TV so i was late :(( ... once arrive heard someone just bidded 24k for Persephone in pink which by CaLLie cLine and this color ONLY ONE in SL OMG... and then RedDawn Bade bidded 32k for Pontiac Solstice in pink which only 3 in SL woooooo ... PINK PINK wowow ... was fun bidding more stuff for Breast Cancer Charity and dancing wowowo ... in 2 hrs got 200k for Breast Cancer wooo Good job !!! wowow ... awesome job Host and Dj woo ...all girls there wear wonderful pink dress ... my friend Payton Heron wear pair of shoes with feather look sooo great woo love it !!!

Why Not Pink In Hallowen !!

Halloween not just black and red !!... when i was thinking about it ... then got tp from my friend Anita ... and Nicky there too woo see her wearing this deep pink web dress woo love it ... she told me she just made this color 10 mins ago =p ... OMG PiNK haha my fav color ... of cause i must get it wooo ... yes then i need find my pink stuff to match this dress wowo ... pink !!! when i was trying some pink eyes Anita got me her fav eyes from Simtropia wooo so lovely pink and look cute wowwo... totally 9 color in fantasy color which for some special day just L$220 how worth !!! Thank you sooo much Anita wowow hug hug big kiss lol ^^ then i need shoes ... i tried use color script but that color not match ... so i IM my good friend Melanie Zhao i need help !! ^^ heehe ... then she made this pink shoes to match wooo omg how a wonderful girl wooo hug hug ... and she show me her new shoes hud which more easy to use and look prefectly !!!...... i am so lucky i have so many good friends wowo ...wooo i should get wine later for celebate it wowo^^

Dress from Nicky Ree - Web Dress in Pink (should be release soon ... Black color is on sale L$50)

Jewelery set from Alienbear Design - Dracula's Heart Set (include crown, bracer, necklace, earrings and ring ... from her store mobvend start from L$2k bottom price is L$299)

Shose from Zhao Shoes - Chelle in pink (not release yet which for new shop open day at 7th Nov)

Hair from Celestial Studio - Halloween Enchantress Hair (Bubblegum) L$150 per pack 3 color... L$1k for fat pack i love those texture so i got fat pack !!^^

Eyes from Simtropia - Fantasy collection (L$220 totally 9 color eyes... coupon inside for discount next purchase !!)

Eyelashes from Lynnix - Diamonds Thick and Long w/short bottom lashes (it include w/long bottom lashes in pack L$100)

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Autumn ....

Feel Autumn fall this morning ... lovely weather around 24C such wonderful day so i went out walk along river and then have a full breakfast woo soo full hehe^^ ... time to find my sweather and boots !! woo love this boots have 3 size should one match your feets !!! and so happy it include non script shoes wooo !!! and have a prim Z and S on the back of shos how cute ^^Thanks a lot Melanie Zhao !!!

Top, Skirt and Stockings from Persona - Tame Set

Boots from Zhao Shoes - Xinful in black (have 3 size and non script version )

Jewelery Set from WorthWhile Valley - Vintage (Amber)

Hai from ETD - Sofia (blonde)

Skin from Celestial Studios - Vogue Skin - Pure (Fall-3)

Eyes from Simtropia - Honey spot

Monday, 22 October 2007

Pumpkin Witch^^

Woke up this morning ... my friend called me she need more pppl for Alienbear Design Kids Modvend ... omg of cause fly there immediatly with my sleepy head !! ^^ so glad i in time to get them wooo... Price is start from L$500 ... bottom is L$100 ... 2 super cute pumpkin necklace one is copper and other one is silver totally just L$100!!! Modify and Transferable wooo good for Halloween ... Too bad no earring !!! Alienbear Gupte told me she will make earrings for her Pumpkin Hunting woo more hunting !!! cant wait !!!

Necklace from Alienbear Design Kid Jewelry - Pumpkin Theif from mobvend (Copper and Silver) bottom price L$100 Modify and Transferable

Outfit from Nicky Ree - Mysterious Morticia

Shoes from Zhao Shoes - Miabella - Black (it include Shoes Hud to on/off sound and bling , color change of ribbon over hunder of color)

Hair from Celestial City - Halloween Enchantress Hair - Carrot

Skin from Celestial City - Vogue Skin - Pure (Deviant - Fetish)

Broom from Little Heaven - Lovely Witch Broom (totally 10 animation Broom and FREE !!!)

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Queen of Pink ^^

My friends asked me they need pink dress for Pink Charity Ball for Breast Cancer... then i think about it where have classy formal dress^^ ... ohh yes my friend Sparkle Skye made awesome ballroom dress ... fly to Allure to chk any lovely pink stuff !! ^^ i really love Celestial gown but still dont have pink!:( ...really wish she made Celestial in pink ... ok let find other!! ... i choosed this Queen Katherine of Aragon in pink ... love this pink look smooth and romantic and totally 18 pieces woo !! ... and found hair and skin to match them wooo ... i really look like Queen of Pink !!! wowoo dream on ^^

Outfit from Allure - Queen Katherine of Aragon - Pink Silver

Earring and Necklace from Alienbear Design - Princess Gelasia Set - Pink

Hair from Celestial City - Spring Enchantress - Sorbet (Limited Edition no more release)

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Ready for Halloween ?? !!!

Are you ready for Halloween ?!!! oh yes i do =p ... Got this fat pack from Last Call (can get in Celestial City too) once just release woo ... u know i was waiting for this Halloween skin sooo long time !! ... this set have 5 skin yes 5 skin in 5 different skin tone woo how can i resist not get all ^^ i know i am greedy !!! =p... and then i looking for jewelery to match them .... at that time Alienbear Gupte IM me about she is making her lucky chair Oct set and i went to peak !!! haha ... she was start making necklace the middle part the heart with spider woo omg it match this Halloween Enchantress set ... Alienbear is fortune teller know what i want lol ^^ then i keep waiting she done whole set !!! and tell her everyday when she done ... hurry hurry lol!!! lol hhaaha i know i am long gas lol haaha ^^ she spent more than a week finally done silver set wooo wowow omg yes more than a week to make lucky chair gift which is FREE !!! ... really love the whole set ... specially love the earrings how awesome and special !!! ske hand hold your ear !!! waaaaa scary !!! really want this set in real life !!! and the crown match the hair make me look like Queen of Spider =p !!!! muhhahaha ... if u dont have time to wait for can buy her other version set name Dracula's Heart in her mobvend started at L$2k bottom price is L$299 transferable worth to buy for yourself and gift !!! my friend already bought 5 set for Halloween Gift woo !!! how can dont have this set for Halloween Party !!=p ohhh she just release gold halloween set !! will show u later soon !!

Jewellery Set from Alienbear Design - Everlasting Soul (Lucky Chair Gift include Crown, Necklace, Earrings, Bracer and ring)

Outfit from Last Call - The Halloween Enchantress

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Sexy Egyptian ^^

Suddenly remembered I may be have peacock fan to match a peacock feather hat so search my inv lol ... ohhh found a folder which is freebie from a fashion show by M&F - Mask & Feather ... no peacock fan but have other fan with fan AO how cool wowow and a feather mark ... then fly there and check around ... this Sexy Egyption really catch my focus specialy the head of snake ... look so detail ... and once i chk what is in the pack ... beside clothes it include hair , skin and shape !!! woo how lovely ^^

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Fashionista Closet by Allure

Celebrity Trollop , Aradia Diellli . Payton Heron and some other pretty girl was travel around Miscorsoft, Intel and GossipGirl sim yesterday ... was mass fun fun hehe ... Celebrity Trollop was talking about Fashionista Closet - The Clothing and Inventory Closet which sound neat and awesome made by Dominus Skye so after done travel i went to Allure ... Sparkle Skye super nice rez sample and explain how to set up ... first time i feel little confused but once i tried in home it is pretty easy !!! u know i dont have high tech brain lol heehe ^^

1) In the pack it have 4 different color of closet (no hello kitty closet bad bad !!^^) cloose one u like or match your home^^ i choosed the woodern one to match my chinese furiture from Nicky ^^

2) Rez the container and put set of outfit (ONLY place COPYABLE outfit components inside) inside to content then go to texture tab to texture it match and then change the name of box which match the oufit .... repeat it for each outfit ... then take the box back to inv and drag them to closet content ... once u put the all your box to closet then click on it ... at this moment HUD will appear in front of closet ... take HUD and wear it !!! that it !!!

3) HUD appear on the left top corner ... click on arrow till u find the clothes then click on *GET* ... then this set of clothes will sent to u !! easy !! no more worrid inv not run or delay !!! ... click on closet to get new HUD after put new outfit container to closet ... beside HUD is for search just click the search letter so u can find what u want wowow ... so easy ... closet is copyable so after u finished set up can copy one to inv for back up incase SL ate your closet =p

Fsahionista Closet such easy to use once u set up all ... i have 64k items which hurt when SL lag and slow to run my inv :( ... so happy solve part of problem ^^... next closet is for hair haha hair heehe lol sound panic =p ... IM Sparkle Sky and Dominus Sky if u want check out sample and instruction !~

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Happy Day with Friends !!!

OMG Nicky Ree 's sale finally finished woo ... my life back to normal lol =p was stuck in there last 2 days ... I spent over an hour stood in front of the board to choose Mooie Vogel... what color i should get lol heehe.... glad Nicky came to show us color woooo she such a sweet heart woo love ya so much and Thanks !!! then i decided to get yellow love it u can see me in far way lol haha !! even i dont have shoes to match at that moment !!! lol ... then i met my good friend Melanie Zhao there ... she such my wonderful friend know what i need =p hehee /evil laugh ^^... she made me golden shoes to match this dress wowowoo.... see how lovely shoe and only I have it!! wowoo wooo ... hug hug hug Melanie !!! and then keep shopping with Kate McLaglen who bought over 50 set clothes in that sale LOL haha haha she always beat me buy more than me haha!!! hate u !! JK hehe ... love ya soooo much Kate !!! hug hug kisss ^^ and then Kate showed me her new hat and she made this gold and black feather hat to me to match them wowowow omg ... see i look soo gorgesous wooo /dance !!! I feel i am so lucky can to be their friend !!! i such a lucky girl wowo !!! jump up and down !! Cheers !!! Let go shop more and more ^^

Outfit from Nicky Ree - Mooie Vogel - Yellow

Necklace and Earring from Alienbear Design - Queen Galaxy in Gold Limited Edition (Only ONE Set Left)

Hate from Hat Heaven - Black and Gold Regal Feathered Hat

Shoes from Zhao Shoes - Miabella in Gold

Saturday, 13 October 2007

*DG* Innovations Grand Opening Gift

Today such busy day !!! many opening, celebation, party around wooo ... and lag everywhere lol ... Got 2 wonderful gorgeous gowns gift from Innovation Grand Opening wooo ... and there also have 21 spider hunting omg i gonna busy heeheh ^^ go get those 2 gowns till they gone ^^

Friday, 12 October 2007

Alienbear Design's Calla 1st Anniversary Gift !! ^^

Alienbear Design by Alienbear Gupte designed awesome gift for Calla 1st Anniversary gift !!! cause it is specially for Calla so Alien use Calla logo to make it and earring is flexi !!! it look soo lovely and have 3 color ... silver , gold and dark ... dont miss Calla 1st Anniversary part and get this and other wonderful designer gift at Calla Main Store 12th 3PM SLT.... see u all there !!! ohh yes Calla also have new release and sale too wowowoo !!!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Sneak Peek Nicky Ree Open Day Sale & Free Gift !!!

Roxy - Open day free gift

Nicky Ree open her mega shop in Tropical Orchid at 12th Oct, Friday, 4-6pm SLT!!! OMG Party !!! 20-50% sale wooo and new free gift for shop opening !!! omg i gonna broke wooo .... now is sneak peek !!!! Sale time 4 pm sl time on the 12th of Oct 2007 and ends on Sunday 14th Oct 2007 - 2pm sl time!!! dont misss it !!

ZHAO Shoe's Calla 1st Year Anniversary Gift & Halloween Free Gift!!

Wooo Melanie Zhao made shoes for Calla 1st Anniversary and she sent one pair to me wow ... omg this shoes is awesome love that deep red color and the ribbon on back !!! sooo cute !!! the gem on the front make it look so elegant and classy !!! u all dont miss this shoes and other great designs gift in Calla anniversary party at Calla Main Store on Friday 5PM SLT

Melanie Zhao soo nice made FREE shoes for Halloween !!! woo soo cute have prim pumkin ,bat on shoes wooo .... get them in her ZHAO Shoes HQ dont miss it !!! Thanks Melanie Zhao make so many lovely shoes but we need more lol woooo^^

Got few IM about cant find the Free Halloween Shoes ... ok port to ZHAO Shoes HQ then click the green ball *To the Zhao office* which in the other side of room ... once u port down find the big black spider under the desk and buy it L$0 !!! that it !!^^ congrats wowowo

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Feel Relax ...

I feel sooo relax today once i woke up ... and want some simple and classy dress ^^remembered i got pencil skirt from First Impressions which good color tone and shading ... feel little regreted about should get fat pack :( ... i rare wear system skirt but this one is my new favourite ^^ and i found Persona simple shirt to match it simple and classy !!! ^^ ... ohh yes Melanie Zhao dropped me her new shoes which match it toooo which good prim work and texture woo u rock Melanie !! love ya !!!

Shoes from Zhao Shoes - Clover in grey (totally 6 color)

Shirt from Persona - Sheer Buttoned Shirt in white L$90

Skirt from First Impressions - Wrapped Top Pencil Skirt (coal) L$90

Hair from Zero Style - Tita (black)

Chocker and Earrings from Paper Couture - Antique Pearl Set (RETIRED was only for
Jewelery Expo)

Eyes from Simtropia - Blueish

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Keep Warm ^^

i am on intellskirt - skirt no more fell when u sit !!^^

Persona by Myllie Writer soo nice drop me her new release yesterday but was so busy so just open today ... wooo once i saw pic i love them already omg ... u know i have them in RL and almsot same color too ^^... but i cant wear them in RL now here still 30C in daytime :(( ... may be need to wait around Christmas ... but i can wear in Sl wowowo ... on the other hand 2 skirt inside pack ... one is intellskirt ... feel little confused when i start try to use but once u tried then it is easy ... just click on skirt then menu pop up so u can set up !!!

Outfit from Persona - Cable Kinit jumper in brown L$140 - 2 color per pack, Fur Sweater in purple blue - L$140 2 color per pack, Plaid Belted Skirt 1 L$75, Woolen Tight in cream and orange - L$120 included 7 color !!!

Boots from Maitreya - Dune in brown (wide size)

Hair from Zero Style - Midori in black

Skin from Celestial City - Vogue Skin - Pure (Fall - 3 )

Manicure & Pedicute from Celeste - Crystal Frost L$35 per color

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Sneak Peek Nicky Ree New Mega Shop !!!

that is sneak peek MEGA shop ... such huge huge shop lol =p i really love the red carpet and model runway animation !!! wooo Nicky your rock !!!!.. will post more when i done beer lol hehe /cheers =p.. coming soon !!!

Friday, 5 October 2007

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Left is Nicky Ree's Wish and Right is aDiva's new dress Cherish

I am wearing is Nicky's Spring Romance and the pic on the back is aDiva's Cinderella

Friend sent me the first pic woo i said woo Nicky make new color of Wish dress ? she said NO.. this one looks like nicky , smells like nicky but it not nicky's - it is somoene else's - aDiva .... omg lol how look so familiar ... Nicy Ree released her Wish dress is at June 23th 2007 .... and she made for RC Wish jewlery set and Calla's new hair that i know ... hmm i donno just feel hmm then i fly to aDiva ... i found her pink dress top's and skirt's shading also look familiar ... hmmm ... and i have summer dress from Nicky so i took pic and hmm ...