Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Gino Project - Treasure Hunt

I am on whole set of gift - hair, skin, shape, kimono, slippers and handbag

My friend Serenity Semple IM me about can I help them to get gift from treasure hunt ... of cause i say YES !!! she tp me Gino Project ohhhh need 5 ppl to hold the robe get the gift ... once open it wooo it is japanese hair, handbag and slippers wowoo... Serenity Semple also told me also have outfit, shape and skin !!! then she showed how to get the rest ^^ woooo thanks Serenity hug hug hug !!! then i searched the Gino Project Website which have awesome movies about the project history and the hint of this treasure hunt. If have any question IM me in the world . Good Lucky all on treasure hunt !!!