Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Alienbear's China National Day Gift !!

Today 1st Oct is China National Day 60th Year Anniversary 中華人民共和國國慶日60周年!!! so Alienbear designed necklace for gift .. the 5 stars is the flag of China ^^ can get it in Alienbear's Designs Main Store ... dont miss it !!!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Back Now !!!!



Sorry was too busy to blog ... i was bad luck neck got injured last month:( went to hospital and did scan chk .. glad everything ok just pain like crazy ... doctor said i just need more rest and *slow* walk sometimes ... but need time to fully recover :( .. health is most important !!! now i am getting better and dont need pill to less pain ... so i gonan start blog again ^^ yes this Dora set 7 color is member pre-release and discount 300L per color now till 30th Sep 2009 Nicky Ree Update Group Room ... love them soo much have fall feelings even here is still summer hot lol .. ohh yes skin and shape fair is opened ... hope there not that lag so i can easy shopping there ^^ yay !!!

Fur Coat, Dress, Pants from Nicky Ree (after 30th Sep 2009) - Dora Leather N Fur Set (Brown)

Fur Handbag from Nicky Ree - Nicky Ree - Part of Avana Fur Coat (Brown)

Shape from Mui - SuperModel Shape

Hair from Sparkle Skye Designs - Naima (Honey Blode)

Boots from Bax Coen Designs - Prestige Boots (Brown)

Skin from Redgrave - Leona (Smoky)

Earrings from Zaara - Sarayi Wood Hopps (Gold)