Friday, 9 January 2009

Back ... Still Recovering ....

hi all !!! really missss u all !!! sorry was really not mood to write:( ...btw finally got result after operation ... my stage is 1B and not expanded ... and i met nocology doctor yesterday who said since my stage is light so i dont have to do chemo treatment ... he said i am 95% recovered... only 5% it will back ... so now i just wait my 6 inches wound recover may be have to wait 1 more month... good is i can shower now !!! omg no more smelly ^^ but still cant fully take care myself .... glad my mom take care me ... love my mom !!!

Thank you very much ALL my friend who was worried me and care about me !!!! Thanks who leave message and support me here too !!! Love u ALL !! I hope i will fully back SL soon !!