Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Nicky Ree - Beach Party 2PM, April 1


Nicky Ree organize a Live Performance by Mankind Tracer at Tropical Orchid Beach. Mankind Tracer is great singer with wonderful voice !!! you never disappointed about him^^ and always Surprise !!! See you ALL there ^^

Date : 2PM, 1 April SLT

Location : Tropical Orchid Beach

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Nicky Ree and Alienbear, for RFL 2009




Mara Floral Gown and Satin Shine Gown from Designing Nicky Ree by Nicky Ree. Kielo and Zivanit jewelery set from Alienbear's Designs by Alienbear Gupte. Mara Floral gown is one of version of Mara line. Kielo jewelery set is Alienbear design for match Mara gown such prefect and gorgeous !!! this is all must have ^^. and Nicky also designed 2 color of her Satin Shine for RFL just L$100 each !!! and Alienbear also desgined light verion of Kielo named Zivanit simple and elegant and just L$10 per set !!! omg omg those is all must have!! yes come support RFL !!!

Mara Foral GownSatin Shine GownNicky Ree所設計. KieloZivanit鑽飾是Alienbear's DesignsAlienbear Grupe所設計. Mara Floral是設計從Nicky的Mara系列, 而這套Kielo鑽飾是特別計配合Mara Foral Gown, 簡單而隆重, 增添女性魅力. Nicky 更增加兩款顏色從她的Satin Shine Gown系列, 每一顏色 L$100 !!! Alienbear設計輕巧型Kielo名子是Zivanit, 一套只售L$10!!!

Gown from Nicky Ree - Floral Mara Gown and Satin Shine (Steel+gold)

Jewelery set from Alienbear's Designs - Kielo and Zivanit

Hair from Sky Everett Designs - Kiera (Black)

Shoes from Stiletto Moody - Bare Ingrid

Skin from Celestial Studios - Vogue Skin - Pure (Classic Glitter - Gold 1 and Siver 2)

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sparkle Skye Desgins, for RFL 2009


Chantesue from Sparkle Skye Designs by Sparkle Skye. This wonderful gown is one shoulder with poof, with 3 style of skirt, train, small train and slender, simple and elegant. Specially love the flower on skirt, classy and gorgeous !! Spakle also design shoes to match this purple gown such perfect !!!

ChantesueSparkle Skye DesignsSparkle Sky所設計. 這套晚装上衣是單肩設計配合花朵裝斾, 而晚装裙子有三款, 簡單而華麗. 特別喜愛數束小巧花朵在腰間, 充滿優雅感!!! Sparle 設計同色鞋子配合這晚装, 實在是配合得天衣無縫!!!

Gown from Sparkle Skye Designs - Chaneuese - Magenta

Shoes from Sparkle Skye Designs - Chinderella Glass Slippers - Magenta

Hair from Sparkle Skye Designs - Anya (Smoke) Release Soon

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear's Designs - Zivanit (Special L$10 per set for RFL)

Skin from Celestial Studios - Vogue Skin - Pure (Celestial - Eternal)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

SuperModel Shape ^^


OK ok i got sooo many IM about do i sell my new shape =p ^^ ok i decided sell to public then ^^ this is my first time sell something in SL lol heheh ... this include one normal shape and one for system skirt... all models must need it !!! this shape is NO TRANSFER, COPY and MOD

Shape can get at Mythique Island

Dress from Nicky Ree - Silva (Gold)

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear's Designs - Love-Love-Love Set (Gold), Gold Queen Felicitas (White)

Skin from Redgrave - 15 Tan Skin - Leona *Smoky*

Hair from Mirai Style - Moco (Platinum)

Shoes from Stiletto Moody - Bare Ingrid (Gold)

Eyes from Simtropia - Brownish

Eyelashes from Lynnix - Long and Thick

Crazy Week!!!^^




Was crazy busy last week,4 RFL fashion show, Jewelery showcase event, Koncept fashion show and have to blog RFL stuff on Timeless Agency , it is my first time to blog in Chinese lol feel nervous ^^ =p... I am so proud to be model of Koncept show with Azul, Alienbear's Designs, Stiletto Moody, House of Heart, Bella Skin... wow how excited with those wonderful designers !!! Thanks all desingers their stuff made us look sooooo pretty yay ... and with my model friend really feel soo warm even was super crazy lag show went smooth !!! This set is what i wear in the show ... look gorgeous ?^^

Gown from -azul- - Swanilda (Black)

Crown and Earrings from Alienbear's Designs - KrisCar (White)

Shoes from Stiletto Moody - d'Orsay (Silver)

Hair from House of Heart - Atonement (Coffee Bean)

Skin from Belleza - Belle Cotton Candy and Wine

Eyes from Simtropia - Stone Spot

Eyes Lashes from Lynnix - Thick and Long

Friday, 20 March 2009

Nicky Ree, for RFL One Of Kind Auction Dress !!



This year Nicky Ree designed a gown based on the theme set by the RFL Clothing Fair Organisers and Nicky Ree selected is Gluttony.

According Nicky Ree, Adephagia in Greek mythology was the goddess and personification of gluttony. Not much is known about her, and is only mentioned once as having a temple on the island of Sicily where she was worshipped alongside Demeter, the goddess of grain and fertility. It is likely then that while gluttony is associated with self-indulgence or excess, in actual worship Adephagia may instead have been revered as a goddess of agricultural bounty.

The gown is no transfer. There are two ways you can wear this gown, with system skirt or without system skirt.

(1) Gown with System Skirt
- DNR RFL Adephaqia Gown Top V2 - Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia Gown Skirt V2- Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia V2 glitch pants - Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia Gloves Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia Svelte R leg Prim Translucent Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia Svelte L Leg Prim Translucent Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia Svelte Centre Stomach Prim Translucent Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia Svelte Longer Train (Pelvis) Translucent Pink (Optional)

(2) Gown without the System Skirt
- DNR RFL Adephaqia Gown Top V2 - Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia V2 glitch pants - Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia Gloves Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia Svelte R leg Prim Translucent Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia Svelte L Leg Prim Translucent Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia Fuller Centre Prim Pink
- DNR RFL Adephagia Svelte Longer Train (Pelvis) Translucent Pink (Optional)

Bidding will start when the fair begins on Monday, March 16, 2009 at 10:00 am SLT and will close at 6:00 pm SLT on Sunday, March 22, 2009.

I am so lucky can wear it for SLCN show with other 6 auction dress about RFL auction!! yay !! wowo soo happy !!! and hurry hurry take pic then return dress to NIcky ^^ i promised her i will iron it lol^^ =p hehe ... YES please come to Support RfL and get the one of the kind dress !!!

Gown Bid at Clothing Fair Entertainment

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear's Designs - KrisCar (release soon)

Hair from Sky Everett Designs - Sovereign (Black)

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Clothing Fair Opening and Show, March 13 2009

Clothing Fair Fashion Show 16 March!!!

This is 4 days show Presented by The Timeless Agency. All outfit is SL designer design for RFL (Relay for Life). Come support us !!! I am honor to be one of model. i am cancer survivor... so i am try my best to help !!!

Location : Clothing Fair

Time : March 16, Mondy, 3PM SLT
March 18, Wensday, 10AM SLT
March 20, Friday, 2AM SLT
March 22, Sunday, 6PM SLT

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Ohhhh St Patty Soon !!



Ohhh time go fast !!! my 3rd St Patricks day soon in SL woowo omg ... i rare wear green but i have greenie mood before St Patricks lol hehe=p ... when i was thinking what i should wear this year ... Nicky released gift for St Patricks wowow in limited time... ohh love this green is soo fresh ...i specialy love the floral one yay have spring feels !!! and i use the hair is last year ETD's st patty gift ^^ love them so much cant resist not wear them (hope more color)!!! hhehehe... the jewelery set is Alienbear's Designs new St Patrick day set lovely and gorgeous with pink flower in the front!!!

1st pic Nicky Ree's Member Gift dress from Nicky Ree's Member Ballroom - Satin Shine Floral in green (member can get Satin Shine Lime dress in there)

2nd pic Nicky Ree's Gift dress from Nicky Ree Main Store - Satin Shine (Lime)

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear's Designs - Sharmrocks Flower Set (Green - Yellow)

Hair from ETD - Elikapeka's Hair - Last year St patrick day gift (RETIRED)

Shoes from Stilletto Moody - Pinup (Bottle Green Patent)

Skin from Celestial Studios - (DN) Vogue Skin - Pure (Drama Queen - Trash)

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Nicky Ree's Satin Shine Photo Contest 2009 !

Satin Shine Photo Contest 01

Wanna win L$20000? i think everyone want lol ... Satin Shine gown is sale in Nicky Ree's Main Store L$100 each color and pink color is Free ^^ come join the photo contest !!! good luck ^^

More Shopping and Beach House For Rent!!^^




One of tenant showed me her new furniture today and they are soo lovely, and then she lead me go that shop, ohhhh MudHoney by Rayvn Hynes never hear this store before but really love her stuff, modern, cute, high quality, look comfort and inexpensive everyone can afford !!! Most is no copy and transfer, some is copyable which i love !! i love the purple sofa set but no copy but she said will have copyable version woo omg cant wait !!! so i just bought one living set(L$300 w/sofa, cushion stack, table, rug, candles and table plant) and one dinning set(L$260 w/Table, 4 Chairs, Hanging Lamps) both have copyable or transferable version wooo really love them sooo much yay !!! i also love the computer and bath room set !!! ohhh yes she have discount shop beside main store beautiful animated bed just L$100 ohhh...

After i done shopping immediately back to house to try decorate !!! ohhh it really match the new house same as modern !!! YAY !!! yes i trying make model house to let ppl know what is look like of house for them rent ^^ Sim just done so i set the house price started from L$480 per week !!! if rent over 5 weeks will get 10% discount to celebrate i done renovated the sim and i almost fully back to SL ^^ ohh beach house with full funtion security, Tintable Window, lockable door, radio w/ 80+ stations, TV which can watch YouTube video, i am thinking should i get @Home TV ... do ppl really watch TV in SL ?=p for me i just watch RL TV ^^ if any question pls IM me in world ^^

Location from Mythique Island Beach House rental started L$480 per week

Furniture from MudHoney

Pants from katatOnik - Love Butt Pants (L$10)

Top and Shoes from G Field = Flower Tops and Strap Sandal "Floria" (Pink Tulip)

Hair from Zero Style - Maya (Raven)

Friday, 6 March 2009

Time to Less Weight of Invenotry =p

Sparkle Skye Designs_Ciara_01

Sparkle Skye Designs_Ciara_03

Sparkle Skye Designs_Ciara_02

Today i sort out my inventory yes time to sort out lol ... over 110k items :( ... first is demo ... delete all demo which useless... then some old LM and old notecard which useless too !!! Delete Delete !!! spent few hrs just deleted around 2k items lol ... never ending delete =p ... during this i found my lovely fairy dress which i got it before operation ... was not mood to take pic :( ... this fairy dress i really love specially the wand which with moon and stars how beautiful ^^ .. and the lace skirt !! woo wonderful ^^ the mini skirt look soo cute with that bellet shoes ^^ and the long skirt i love the train make me look like in fairy tale's princess ^^

Dress, Wand, Wings, Flower Wreath and Bellet Shoes from Sparkle Skye Designs - Ciara Moonlight Fae

Necklace and Earrings from Alienbear Design - Dark Queen Felicitas Set (Black)

Hair from ::69:: - J.L.O (offblack)

Skin from Celestial Studios - (DN) Vogue Skin - Champagne (Ether - Never)

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Spring Arrived ....

VicoriaV_ Zoe_001

Men always say women's mood is same as weather ^^ that true !! specially Spring time ... i went out yesterday was just little cloudy but once i entered supermarket suddenly crazy heavy rain !!! and then after 20 mins rain stopped and Sunny like summer waaa what a day !!!

Cardigan, Skirt and Scarf from VictoriaV Fashion - Zoe Set

Earrings from Alienbear's Designs - Love-love-love (dark)

Shoes from Stiletto Moody - Pinup (Blacker Patent)

Hair from Truth - Natalia (Nickel)

Handbag from ETD - Everyday Tote (Black)

Sunglasses from Armidi - Fi Umo (Black Turtoise)

Skin from Celestial Studios - (DN) Vogue Skin - Champagne (Last Call - Fishnet)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

what my Birthday Gfit from Alienbear ?^^



WoW OMG see what i got Birthday Gift from Alienbear !!! omg omg sooo suprised yay really heart touching !!! she know I am Hello Kitty fans =p ^^ sooo happppppppy!!! This year is something like my new life... have special feelings of this Birthday ...Thanks a lot Alienbear/Wendy !!! love u forever!!! hug hug and non-les kiss ^^