Tuesday, 10 March 2009

More Shopping and Beach House For Rent!!^^




One of tenant showed me her new furniture today and they are soo lovely, and then she lead me go that shop, ohhhh MudHoney by Rayvn Hynes never hear this store before but really love her stuff, modern, cute, high quality, look comfort and inexpensive everyone can afford !!! Most is no copy and transfer, some is copyable which i love !! i love the purple sofa set but no copy but she said will have copyable version woo omg cant wait !!! so i just bought one living set(L$300 w/sofa, cushion stack, table, rug, candles and table plant) and one dinning set(L$260 w/Table, 4 Chairs, Hanging Lamps) both have copyable or transferable version wooo really love them sooo much yay !!! i also love the computer and bath room set !!! ohhh yes she have discount shop beside main store beautiful animated bed just L$100 ohhh...

After i done shopping immediately back to house to try decorate !!! ohhh it really match the new house same as modern !!! YAY !!! yes i trying make model house to let ppl know what is look like of house for them rent ^^ Sim just done so i set the house price started from L$480 per week !!! if rent over 5 weeks will get 10% discount to celebrate i done renovated the sim and i almost fully back to SL ^^ ohh beach house with full funtion security, Tintable Window, lockable door, radio w/ 80+ stations, TV which can watch YouTube video, i am thinking should i get @Home TV ... do ppl really watch TV in SL ?=p for me i just watch RL TV ^^ if any question pls IM me in world ^^

Location from Mythique Island Beach House rental started L$480 per week

Furniture from MudHoney

Pants from katatOnik - Love Butt Pants (L$10)

Top and Shoes from G Field = Flower Tops and Strap Sandal "Floria" (Pink Tulip)

Hair from Zero Style - Maya (Raven)