Sunday, 14 October 2007

Happy Day with Friends !!!

OMG Nicky Ree 's sale finally finished woo ... my life back to normal lol =p was stuck in there last 2 days ... I spent over an hour stood in front of the board to choose Mooie Vogel... what color i should get lol heehe.... glad Nicky came to show us color woooo she such a sweet heart woo love ya so much and Thanks !!! then i decided to get yellow love it u can see me in far way lol haha !! even i dont have shoes to match at that moment !!! lol ... then i met my good friend Melanie Zhao there ... she such my wonderful friend know what i need =p hehee /evil laugh ^^... she made me golden shoes to match this dress wowowoo.... see how lovely shoe and only I have it!! wowoo wooo ... hug hug hug Melanie !!! and then keep shopping with Kate McLaglen who bought over 50 set clothes in that sale LOL haha haha she always beat me buy more than me haha!!! hate u !! JK hehe ... love ya soooo much Kate !!! hug hug kisss ^^ and then Kate showed me her new hat and she made this gold and black feather hat to me to match them wowowow omg ... see i look soo gorgesous wooo /dance !!! I feel i am so lucky can to be their friend !!! i such a lucky girl wowo !!! jump up and down !! Cheers !!! Let go shop more and more ^^

Outfit from Nicky Ree - Mooie Vogel - Yellow

Necklace and Earring from Alienbear Design - Queen Galaxy in Gold Limited Edition (Only ONE Set Left)

Hate from Hat Heaven - Black and Gold Regal Feathered Hat

Shoes from Zhao Shoes - Miabella in Gold


Smokie Signals said...

Hi Mui!

You are just darling and so much fun to shop with! I'm really jealous that you have those shoes-- do you think I could get a pair that color too?

I could tell how happy you were shopping last Sunday. I liked your Lalala emote! We need to go shopping together sometime!

Love ya!


Mui Mukerji said...

yoo smokie woo yes we was having fun in Nicky shop wwow ... lalala ^^ haahah /evil laugh !!! yes we need to go shopping together !!!

About shoes pls IM Melanie Zhao ... she may be let u have but not sure ^^

dina said...

I'd be great if i find the same color in my favorite josef seibel shoes

Torley said...

OHHH VERY nice! I saw this on and had to take a closer look! What a great matching combo. :)

Anonymous said...