Thursday, 11 October 2007

ZHAO Shoe's Calla 1st Year Anniversary Gift & Halloween Free Gift!!

Wooo Melanie Zhao made shoes for Calla 1st Anniversary and she sent one pair to me wow ... omg this shoes is awesome love that deep red color and the ribbon on back !!! sooo cute !!! the gem on the front make it look so elegant and classy !!! u all dont miss this shoes and other great designs gift in Calla anniversary party at Calla Main Store on Friday 5PM SLT

Melanie Zhao soo nice made FREE shoes for Halloween !!! woo soo cute have prim pumkin ,bat on shoes wooo .... get them in her ZHAO Shoes HQ dont miss it !!! Thanks Melanie Zhao make so many lovely shoes but we need more lol woooo^^

Got few IM about cant find the Free Halloween Shoes ... ok port to ZHAO Shoes HQ then click the green ball *To the Zhao office* which in the other side of room ... once u port down find the big black spider under the desk and buy it L$0 !!! that it !!^^ congrats wowowo