Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Fashionista Closet by Allure

Celebrity Trollop , Aradia Diellli . Payton Heron and some other pretty girl was travel around Miscorsoft, Intel and GossipGirl sim yesterday ... was mass fun fun hehe ... Celebrity Trollop was talking about Fashionista Closet - The Clothing and Inventory Closet which sound neat and awesome made by Dominus Skye so after done travel i went to Allure ... Sparkle Skye super nice rez sample and explain how to set up ... first time i feel little confused but once i tried in home it is pretty easy !!! u know i dont have high tech brain lol heehe ^^

1) In the pack it have 4 different color of closet (no hello kitty closet bad bad !!^^) cloose one u like or match your home^^ i choosed the woodern one to match my chinese furiture from Nicky ^^

2) Rez the container and put set of outfit (ONLY place COPYABLE outfit components inside) inside to content then go to texture tab to texture it match and then change the name of box which match the oufit .... repeat it for each outfit ... then take the box back to inv and drag them to closet content ... once u put the all your box to closet then click on it ... at this moment HUD will appear in front of closet ... take HUD and wear it !!! that it !!!

3) HUD appear on the left top corner ... click on arrow till u find the clothes then click on *GET* ... then this set of clothes will sent to u !! easy !! no more worrid inv not run or delay !!! ... click on closet to get new HUD after put new outfit container to closet ... beside HUD is for search just click the search letter so u can find what u want wowow ... so easy ... closet is copyable so after u finished set up can copy one to inv for back up incase SL ate your closet =p

Fsahionista Closet such easy to use once u set up all ... i have 64k items which hurt when SL lag and slow to run my inv :( ... so happy solve part of problem ^^... next closet is for hair haha hair heehe lol sound panic =p ... IM Sparkle Sky and Dominus Sky if u want check out sample and instruction !~


Tigerlily Koi said...

OMG This would work for hair?! OMG! My inventory is over 35k because of hair. MUST. HAVE! Thank you Mui, you ROCK! <3

Mui Mukerji said...

yes must have !!! i gonna beg Sparkle made me hello kitty closet =p

Nicky Ree said...

I need one too!

Tymmerie said...

OMIGAWD!!!! Do you think she would make custom closets? See, my bed is a nice simple beechwood....

I must have one of these .....or five!

Mui Mukerji said...

I need hello kitty closet !!!

Anonymous said...