Friday, 7 November 2008

Triangle and My Pic in ETD !!! WoW

Tri&Mui_ ETD_Poster_01

Waaaa soooo happy wowow my good friend Triangle and my pic to be ETD 's poster wowow omg /dance wowow and Triangle one is beside me wowowow omg such crazy happy wowow ... i donno how to say how much i happy wowow ... Thank you sooo much Elikapeka hug hug !!!!!... and i also happy is i got random tell everyday where is skin from , where is that little hat from , where is earrings from wowow ... i really happy ppl love my pic wowow yay !!! ok so ... my skin is from Celestial Studios (now is on sale DN skin is L$100 each) ... Earrings from Alienbear Design... Hat from Moxie Polano Haute Style ... IM me in world if u still cant find it ... would love to help u get them ^^

How to your pic to be ETD poster ? so easy just wear any ETD stuff and then take some pic then join ETD gruop in Flickr and add your pic there ... if i not wrong one pic each time ... then your pic have chance to be ETD poster !!! and now ETD is on sale so how u misssed it !!!