Friday, 24 October 2008

Head Off .... Scary ?^^


My friend Triangle Caudron just back to SL yay !!! She reopen her store and put out her Ghost's outfit sell from L$1 and other is 50% off !!! omg omg go get them before she change her mind and took them back again lol ... hehe today she suddenly called me go get some *pretty* thing ... wowo pretty thing wowowo omg of course fly immediatly ^^ hahah that *pretty* thing is HEAD OFF lol hahaha well first i feel it is little scary but then feel soo cute wowow yay ... and we play araound and took some pic haha masss fun hahaha ... want this head off too ? it is FREE in LITTLE HEAVEN ^^ heeh Halloween gonan more fun !!!

From Left to Right is Triangle Caudron , Helianthus Mesmer , Morgan Kincess and Me ^^ we look cute right ?^^

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Mui Mukerji