Sunday, 22 June 2008

Woo L$335K Hinamori Won Bid of Alienbear's RFL King and Queen Crown

L$335k Alienbear's King & Queen Crown_RFL !!

L$335k Alienbear's King & Queen Crown_RFL_02!!

OMG such excited today !!! Hinamori Burleigh won the Alienbear's one and only one King & Queen crown for RFL !!! King Crown was 80K and Queen Crown was 255K... wowowwo totally 335K !!! and he is so nice gift the Queen Crown to his girlfriend Serenity Semple !!! such nice guy !!! so happy help RFL raise fund !!! if i not wrong it is the most expensive crown !!! wowow ... congrats King Hinamori and Queen Serenity !!! and Congrats RFL !!! wowowow ahh thanks a lot Alienbear designed those wonderful crowns !!!! also thanks who was came by !!! Happy !!! /dance !!!