Monday, 14 July 2008

Momento RFL Show & SLCN to Broadcast RFL Telethon Live

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I am honour to be one of Metro Models in Momento RFL live aution event !!! event was over 6 hrs !!! but was fun haha ... all clothes is no more in SL ... most is from Last Call and one I modelled is Fishook Dress from Chambre du Chocolat by Eshi Otawara in Memento RFL show by Metro Models ... was excited started bid from 45k !!! 90k, 105k , 225k, 250k, 280... fianlly Kay Fairey L$450k won the bid !!! ome omg wowow congrats !!! how impressive !!! The team raised nearly L$700,000 today, bringing the DiS RFL team to third place with a total of L$2,274,334 raised. ...really feel happy helped RFL since i have a uncle who got mouth cancer last 2 yrs :(( i saw him how pain he against cancer and he cant speak clear and only can eat liquid food now :(( on the other hand got notecard about SLCN Broadcast RFL Telethon Live woow yay more RFL !!!..



First Worldwide Live Telethon in Second Life: SLCN.TV teams up with Relay for Life of Second Life for Cancer Awareness

Second Life, July 14, 2008 -- SLCN.TV, a virtual world television network, will pair up with the American Cancer Society in what is believed to be the first live telethon event in Second Life during the fourth annual Relay for Life of Second Life. On Saturday, July 19, 2008, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. PST, the live telecast will happen on SLCN.TV across eight channels and will be broadcast to over 40,000 TV sets in-world. SLCN.TV personalities will be calling for donations during an action-packed agenda featuring a variety of Relay for Life of Second Life events, as well as special SLCN show features including a celebrity kart race, a sailing event, and even a tiny snail race. The goal is to raise awareness and donations for the Relay for Life of Second life event.

In 2004, the American Cancer Society hosted a Gala Ball and a Silent Auction in Second Life raising $2,000. In 2005, enough interest had been generated to develop the first virtual Relay For Life event in American Cancer Society history. Since then, the Relay For Life of Second Life has raised over $166,000. This year, the Relay For Life of Second Life event is the largest yet with over 85 teams participating. By the opening of the Survivor Lap on Saturday, they will have raised over $150,000 in 2008 alone, doubling their historical total.
The success of Relay for Life of Second Life has prompted the American Cancer Society to open an office in the virtual world where cancer survivor support groups are held, and volunteer greeters are there to direct anyone who comes to the American Cancer Society Island with cancer-related questions.

Jeff Montegut, spokesperson for Relay for Life of Second Life stated, "Avatars representing survivors, caregivers, their families and the millions of passionate supportors engaged in fighting cancer worldwide will take center stage virtually on July 19-20, when the American Cancer Society conducts its fourth annual Relay for Life event in Second Life." Second Life residents will visit the Relay for Life of Second Life website at to make their donations, or by visiting one of the approved donation kiosks within Second Life. "We do have a very aggressive goal to raise over $200,000 by the time the event closes, which means we would need to raise a minimum of $50,000 within the telethon's hours from the donations of Second Life Residents", said Montegut.

Starr Sonic, Executive Producer at SLCN.TV, said, "With SLCN's technology, this will be the first live telethon produced within Second Life, something that is only possible with the SLCN viewership. We hope to bring a substantial worldwide audience to the telethon and feel privileged to play an integral part in this groundbreaking event."

In the spirit of all great telethons, SLCN will also be featuring some TV exclusives that should not be missed.

Further information or interviews contact:

Starr Sonic, Executive Producer, SLCN.TV
Skype: starr_sonic1
US phone: +1 310 582 5602

Maggie Mahoney, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, SLCN.TV
Skype: Maggie.Mahoney


Kay Fairey said...

Mui, I came across your blog!
OMG, you posted about this auction!

You were gorgeous in that dress. :-)

And I am so happy that I was able to make this contribution. I just lost my mom who had suffered from liver cancer in Dec. last year and the memories of this big loss was still very fresh with me. How wonderful it would be if cancer became something we no longer had to fear!

Anonymous said...