Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Magic !!!

My best friend Zara Vale who is ASL's Instructor met in her class last year ... She is super nice, sweet heart, cute and intelligent girl ... i learnt a lot from her ... and she love shopping too lol!! ^^ ... ohh yes she sent me her new stuff Geometric Pancake and Sphere today ... omg how amazing and awesome !!! i still playing with the sphere specially love the snow and heart paricles ... i put the sphere on the roof with snow wooo how winter mood ^^ i read the note it is over 150 type of particles textures ... can change the range, speed , count and size from the menu ... good for me who dont know script much !!! ohhh 24 sounds u can choose ohhh omg how wonderful ... also have scanner and sensor keep track of who is around woooo ....omg soo many fuction think i need a day or more to try all ^^ those Geometric Pancake and Sphere available in Vale Design where have a Sphere sample there