Saturday, 3 November 2007

Modeled Shakture Couture's New Release !!!

Shaka Saintlouis IM'ed about modelling his new release Shen Peak Lapel Pinstripe woo omg !!!... love this suit look gorgeous and sexy ^^ the jacket look very detail and strips match each other same as RL ...can see he did a lot of work on it ... also love this flower lace sockings !! so cute ^^ Will release tomorrow in Shakture Couture ... see my pic on box !!^^ !!!! ... Shaka Saintlouis is a great guy and have good taste ... I learnt a lot from him ... he also make me a profile pic wooo sooo happy wowowow /dance ... i am so lucky woooo... Thank your so much Shaka Saintlouis hug hug ^^ I am gonna to be his fans ^^ hehe