Friday, 15 February 2008

Art on Avatar - Featuring Nicky Ree

The Crescent Moon Museum branch at IBM SOA Adventure presents: Art on Avatar

Art on Avatar celebrates the work of many people creating Art to express their personality through their avatars. 50 beautiful people have loaned pictures of their avatars wearing Nicky Ree's art for this exhibit. Tayzia Abattoir will cut opening ribbon. 2 PM Musical Perfomance by Guy Goodman. 3PM Featuring Perfomer by Paisley Beebe. You all got invited !! yay !!!^^

Location : IBM SOA Adventure Island
Time : 16TH Feb 2PM SLT

At 4PM there will be a treasure hunt where the IBM dress (woman) and IBM attire (men) and will be revealed.

Exibit will run until March 15, 2008

Crescent Moon Museum
Crescent Moon is Museum in Taber was the first Art Museum established in Second life housing an impressive collection of sculptures, collection of sculptures, paintings, and drawings.

About Art on Avatar
In Rl Wearable Art ranges from those the more-traditional visual arts such as textiles to those that focus on current fashion trends of wearing pieces of art like a custom-made necklace or a one-of-a-kind quilted vest. Wearable art, which is also known as artwear in Real life, is an extension of the fiber arts.

Art on Avatar is the extension of Wearable Art in a 3d virtual environment. Art on Avatar features various wearable art methods and artists on the virtual representation of the person. In many ways, artwear opens new avenues of self-expression to those who might not otherwise feel that they have a way to express themselves artistically.