Tuesday, 12 February 2008

V Day Soon ^^

my brother bought a LV handbag to his girlfriend for V day gift today reminded me V day soon ... so i think what i should wear on V day ...from Chinese 風水 Feng Shui pink is good for 桃花運 (the luck with the opposite sex)... and pink is my most fav color speacially Hello Kitty pink hahaha ^^ so i found i got this lovely pink dress ... soft pink very smooth and sexy specially on the back ... show the *butts gap* hahaha lol .... Sparkle Skye told me it called *dangerously low back* lol hehee... hand off guys !!! hahhaa ... and my *electronic shock* hair ^^ i love this hair once i saw Aradia Dielli on it when i met her last week ... then haha Alienbear Gupte asked me did i got electronic shock when she saw me i am on this hair !!! omg haha

Dress from Allure - Goddress of Love

Crown, Necklace and Earring from Alienbear Design - Costa Rica Sleeping Volcano set ... Member 50% discount till 14th Feb Alienbear Design Member Shop

Hair from Analog Dog - Amber (Black)

Shoes from Armidi - Persina Pink

Skin from Celestial Studio - Vogue Skin - Champagne (Ether - Empty)

Manicure from Nevermore Studio - Candy

Eyes from Simtropia - Blueish

Eyelashes from Lynnix - Long and Thick