Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Hello Spring Girl Friend ^^

My evil friend Triangle Caudron call me once i woke up !!! asked me do i like cute dress hahaah ... of cause !!! i do love Honey Kitty dress !!! haha she wanan tell me is Honey Kitty new release Spring Girl friend dress which fatpack 10 color only L$1800 wor ... wowo how nice ... fly there and beg Trangle try that dress to let me see heehe ... ohhhh she first try is white wowow omg how pretty and cute !!!! 2 version of skirt wowoo ... and skirt is 3 level ... base is lace and then is solid texture in the middle ... the surface is star pattern lace wowow ... such beautiful !!! u know i love ribbon !! heard, neck, chese and belt is ribbon wowow ... ahah so happy !!! even Momo Westland who bought red first and then she see us alsy buy white too ^^ then i fly back to my bat cave take pic ... when i almost done pic my evil sister Alienbear Gupte logged on and yell on me show her new dress!!! we both go to Honey Kitty store ... she bought white and red (yes she rich, i am poor!!! hahaa ) .. then i saw a jacket with fur and hat omg so cute wowow i bought pink and try on wowo so cute that my copysister got white too of cause i got white again ... really *hate* to go shopping with Alienbear alway buy more and more lol haha^^

Dress from Honey Kitty - Spring Girl Friend (Vanilla)

Jacket from Honey Kitty - Snow Honey (Cream)

Hair from BP* - Micky Dango Hair

Shoes from Shiny Things - Lollies (Cream)

Skin from Celestial Studio - Vogue Skin - Pure (Ether - Never)

Manicure from Nevermore Studio - Candy