Saturday, 15 March 2008

Spring Arrived ^^

Temperature is getting higher and higher can feel winter is gone and spring arrived ... but flu is very strong in Hong Kong :(( already 4 kids dead by this how sad...all school already in Easter holiday already cause of it ... hope settle down it soon !!! so better stay in home and on SL !!! good excuse ?^^ ... US changed the time poor me have to wake up one hr earlier for show/event ... guess i gonna sleep earier and less beer ^^ less beer ?? really ??^^ ... ok less dream ^^ i accident found a siver set from CKS Designs it must stuck in my inventory over yr or more haha ... it quite match my mood today so i found Muism jacket with or without hood how cute ... i love the belt look too and most important is Pink !! ohhh yes PINK wowow ...for some reason i got excited once see pink really cant resist ^^

Jacket from Musim - Hooded Parka (Pink)

Top and Pants from CKS Designs - Party Girl Silver

Hair from Armidi - Symphony Twist (Silver)

Earring from Alienbear Designs Member Shop - Shamrocks Princess Earrings (3rd St. Patick's day member gift till Sunday 16th March 11:59 midnight)

Shoes from Armidi - Dhali Bow Platforms (Silver)

Skin from Celestial Studio - (DN) Vogue Skin - Pure (Last Call - Hotpants)

Eyes from Simtropia - Violeish