Friday, 25 April 2008

Vbusinese Expo Fashion Show - Boulevard Agency !!!

Vbusinese Expo Fashion Event is from 24 to 27 April !!! Today was awesome and prefect !!! congrasts all and congrasts Boulevard Agency's first show !!!! I am soo pround I am one of model wowwo /dance !!! Tomrrow show designer is Nicky Ree, Vicki V, Shai and Satoria Italiana wowwo can u miss it !!! and my friend Jonny Tobias who is Boulevard Agency's manager he super work hard about it ... 4 days event over 100 dress over 30 model he have to arrange !!! wowwo Jonny Rocks !!! love u hug hug !! *add oil *

Location : Vbusinese Expo @ Clerver Zebra
Date : 24th to 27th April
Time : 2 PM SLT