Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Last Call's Sale & Alienebear Design Cameo Set

Few friends ask me to go Last Call shopping today again ... I bought Veronica cocktail dress in blue color which just L$100 now!!! I got pink long time ago i know i love it .. started worry i gonna buy all color hahaa lol...
I found "Alienbear Bear Le'Cameo's Thin Black Velvet Cameo Set - Sitting Cat match this dress soooo much !!! It have many texture can choose in her Cameo shop... according her Cameo blog she started make Cameo at 1st March 2006 wow!!! How impressive !

Hair from ETD - Sea Nymph Hair II (sand)

Skin from CS - (DN) Vogue skin - Pure (Vamp - Enchant)

Shoes from Thiny Things - Spring Stilettos (blue)

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Ana Lutetia said...

I love that cameo