Friday, 20 July 2007

Wonderful Evening with Gloria and Alienbear!

My friend Gloria Yip logged on then we went NIcky Ree's shop in Deco shopping around... i bought Summer Breeze in Grace and ivory (which alienbear got it last week) and Gloria bought this in Coral color ... awesome color and shading just L$280 each !!! how u can miss it ^^ friend Ysera Nyanda bought this dress in green color last week .. look soo good and match her skin .. should i get green color too?... when i was deciding about it ... suddenly Alienbear Gupte IM'ed me wanna show me her hair demo hehe hair again !!! lol haha... tp'ed her to here ... once she saw me on Summer Breeze in Grace color ...she called me *MUI BAD* !! cause i made her want to buy more color haha (evil laugh)...then we went to Alienbear Gupte's Zoo take pic ...see her zoo have puma , crocdile and dragon with purple wings !!!! they all bite ... watch out !! lol hehe.... in the back is Alienbear Gupte's tree house home. Glora look sooo cute like a little princess... ouch just see her step on my foot in this pic wooo !!!hahaha fun !!! how a wonderful evening with my 2 good friends !!! <3

Why Alienbear not in pic ? ... read her blog =p

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