Thursday, 26 July 2007

Lazy Day !!!

Feel lazy today cause of temperature still 34C in daytime :( ... I feel I am melting so just want stay in home for relax ... I live in Mythique Island where all house have own beach and beautiful view !!!..there is one of corner of my home .... look romantic ?!^^ will make more pic when i not lazy lol ... suddenly remember I still not show one of my favourite outfit - Summer Breeze in ivory color from Nicky Ree ... it look soo fresh and make me feel cooler^^ i want some light jewelery today for this hot hot day !!! found Alienbear Design's L$10 diamond jewererly set YES JUST L$10 !! i got them when i was newbie last yr well i still a newbie =p ... she design those set is in 2006 beside the XO bracer is her 2005 design ... OMG Ali u that old !!! =p JK .... get those L$10 diamond set in her shop today !!!

Ohhh just remember Alienbear Gupte made this L$10 diamond set in gold this year when her BijouxOr Gold Jewelry Shop grand opening ... this set same just L$10 too !!!

Hair from CS - Annie Mary (Sand)

Skin from CS - (DN) Vogue Skin - Pure (Vamp - Enchant)

Shoes from Shiny Things - T-Starp Revamped (white)

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