Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Callie Cline's Limited Edition !!

My dear friend Melanie Zhao told me she was working on some limited edition last few days woo how neat ... cant wait !!! Fianlly Callie Cline released them in her Main Store yay ^^ omg how is wonderful set !! First i like the box look like a snow cake with ribbon ^^ ...cute !!! ... then i tried on dress and Zhao shoes ... wooo the skirt look like feather flooding soo smooth when i moving woo good for dancing ... this set have 3 skirt to match all day and night(even sleeping?^^) .. also match your mood (yes my mood change anytime lol )... Callie really nice and know what women need ^^ love ya Callie !!! (IM her!! LOL) ... and the shoes omg Melanie really do awesome job on shoes ... i already love this shoes style very much and this time she use absolutely wonderful texture and match this dress yay !!!! Melanie Rock !!!... then i open the jewelery box waaaa waaa how wonderful box which look like jewelery set inside box in RL ......such gorgeous !!! Thanks a lot Melanie and Callie !!! hug hug ^^ kiss?!^^

PS-i just checked only 17 set left today !! dont miss them !!!^^ get it in Callie Cline Main Store