Friday, 28 December 2007

Travel Costa Rica ^^

Miss Costa Rica Contest Stage

My SL evil twins Alienbear Grupt teleport me to Costa Rica Club House to show her just designed crown for Miss Costa Rica to Giancarlo Takacs who is organizer of MIss Costa Rica... OMG wonderful and gorgeous crown following Natural Beauty which represent the place of Costa Rica !!! and i know she gonan design necklace and earrings to match this crown ... wish i could to be MIss Costa Rica ^^ dream on !!! ... btw Costa Rica sim such wonderful place peaceful and wealth ... really love here !!! and Giancarlo Takacs how me the final of Miss Costa Rica pic ... omg all gorgeous and pretty !!! ohhh yes the Miss Costa Rica contest will on Sat 29th 11am SLT !!!

Outfit from LeeZu Baxter Designs - Marsham Flexi Dress

Earrings from Alienbear Design - Oriential Tang Empress Topaz Earrings

Hair from ETD - Sofia (Smoky)

Boots from Maitreya - Dune (Brown)