Sunday, 16 September 2007

I Am Back !!! And My Friend Leea in Bewitched Hair Fashion Show

OMG I am back !!! my isp was messed last 2 days drived me crazy :(( and big argued with them !!! fianlly got back connection and 2 monthes free ^^=p but still not feel really good ... i misss u all and more and more !!!

Once i back on of cause go to jewelery expo wooo omg so many awesome stuff there wowo i need more time to shopping and take pic =p and then my good friend Leea Alcott tell me she gonna in Bewitched Hair Fashion show ... OMG how i forgot it !!!! but then my brother need me help in RL so i late to there 20 mins :(( ... but good is still see my good friend on runway wowow... she choosed dress from Allure which in my old post ... she look stunning !!!! and ppl there say she look pretty and beautiful and those hair and dress so match wowo ... Congrats Leea !!! hug hug hug... ohhhh see the 3rd pic the guy in her left ? =p ... guess who ? her lovely boyfriend Nicholi Mauriac ^^