Friday, 14 September 2007

VIVA Mexico!!!

With the shout of the Alive Mexico! , Alive our Independence! Vivan the heroes who gave Mother country us! , each 15 of September, to 11 at night, in all the country and some states of the American Union, the beginning of the Independence of Mexico is commemorated, with the famous “shout”, that gave to the priest Miguel Hidalgo to summon the town to fight badly against the government. (from this page )

Green = The Independence Movement - Hope
Red = Blood of the national heroes - Purity
White = The purity of the Catholic faith - Union

The emblem-shield symbolizes the Aztec heritage.
According to a beautiful legend, the gods had advised the Aztecs that the place where they should establish their city was to be identified when they saw an eagle, perched on a prickly pear tree, devouring a serpent. They saw this mythical eagle on a marshy lake that is now the zócalo or main plaza in Mexico City.
This flag was created in 1821, when the Independence movement had ended victoriously.
El Día de la Bandera or the Fiesta of the Mexican Flag is celebrated on February 24.

Anita Cassini who is Mexican who designed jewelery set for male and female ... IM her for more imformation pls.... cause i dont have internet now :(( glad i have friend who can let me use few mins ...

Anita Cassini and I was in Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico sim

Congrats Mexico Indenpence Day !!!!

PS I heop i can have internet tomorrow :(( /cry


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Ana said...

Please note that the diamonds from the necklace are by Random Calliope Slither.

Mexican Dresses are by Simtropia - Reforma sim. Great new designer in SL

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hello!!..yes! today is one big party for all the mexicans!!..come to cancun sim for your 1L mexican charro* outfit!!

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