Monday, 24 September 2007

She's So Unusual Shoes New Release

I met my friend Rowan Carroll in her store and she tell she gonna set up new stuff .... of cause wanan see them !!!^^ then she sent me her 9 set of new Slipper OMG !!! they all look soo super cute specially love the pink kitty one wooo pink yes and they just L$25 per pair !!! omg what a good deal !!! ... then i wear my fav tee and short to match them feel sooo relax ^^ yes relax day ...

Slippers from She's So Ususual Shoes - Googly Eyes Slippers L$25 per pair

Necklace, Earring and Bracers from Alienbear Design - Easter Bunny Set L$100 per set

Hair from Zero Style - Beth (Black) L$150 per color

Top and Pants from Naughty Discount Items by Lost & Ambyance - Plaid Set (included pink, green, blue, teal color) L$75