Saturday, 1 September 2007

Tang !

The Tang Dynasty 唐朝 (18 June 618–4 June 907) was an imperial dynasty of China preceded by the Sui Dynasty and followed by the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period. It was founded by the Li (李) family. In the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese style of clothing was very popular at the time because of the great power of the Tang Empire. Ancient Chinese clothing had a direct effect on the clothing of other Oriental cultures. The Korean style of clothing was modeled from the court style of the Tang Dynasty. The Japanese Kimono was modeled after the normal national clothing of Han(漢) Nation. Wang Wei(王維), a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty, said the origin of Japanese-style clothing was the clothing style of the Han Dynasty, a great dynasty of ancient China. (from Introduction of Chinese Clothing )

Time to stop history lesson lol ^^ So impressive Nicky Ree and Rei Gully designed this outfit and hair for Style Asian !!! Too bad is Nicky Ree too late to know Alienbear Gupte is Asian(her face too western look =p) lol so she couldnt enter that event this year :( ... ok next year !! but Alienbear Gupte designed special Tang Jewelery set and hair accessory to match them how wonderful !!!

Jewelery Set and Hair Accessory from Alienbear Design - Oriential Tang Empress Jade Set

Outfit from Nicky Ree - Tang Empress

Hair from Zero Style - Nicky (Black)

Skin from Celestial Studios- (DN) Vogue - Pure (Vamp - Seduce)

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