Sunday, 19 August 2007

Celestial Studios New Skin !!!

Finally have time check out Celestial Studios New Skin Wooo!!! OMG love them got fat pack of Canimal Glow in pure color skin tone immediatly !!! i used use tan when i started SL cause saw almost 90% girl on tan skin so i tried on tan skin tone too ... ^^ my first skin i bought in SL is CS charmed skin in 40 skin tone which is tan ... then i got skin tone 30 which is lighter and then got skin tone 20 later which is pale heeheh ...yes i found out pale skin more suit me ...even in vogue skin too... ETD closed till Sep feel lost lol haha ^^ so check my inventory and found this old hair from ETD ... !!!and then found this old dress from Dazzle (now call Last Call)...OMG still love them !!!

Skin from Celestial Studios- Vogue - Pure (Canimal Glow - full pack)

Chocker and Earring from Alienbear Designer - Princess Diantha set

Hair from ETD - Delish (silver) RETIRED

Outfit from Dazzle (now call Last Call) - La Princess Bridal - RETIRED

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