Friday, 10 August 2007

OMG Sale in Rebel Hope's Costume Theater !!!

Angelique - L$225

Christine - L$400

Lady Brimstone - L$225

50's Up Town Girl - L$225

Faery Iridessa - L$225

OMG Sale in Rebel Hope Costume Theater !!! i went downt there once i noticed it haha ... Wooo 30% to 75% sale except the 2 newest one ... wooo first i got Angeline which include prim harp and price from L$1000 dropped to L$225 OMG Wooo ... feel shock!! ... they are awesome finishing and never outdate !!! ... I check more around got 5 so far ^^...may be get more later!!! thinking should i get bat woman one which with coffin lol can sleep inside !!! .... Anita called back me say she free now can come with me =p ....She got more than me !!! ^^ haha... More Evil Twins !!! ^^

P.S. Those outfit include the prim stuff(box) which in front of pic in store... example Anglique include a prim white harp... Christine include a rose & mask global stand ....

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