Friday, 17 August 2007

Princess Evil Twins !!!

Feel hangover when i woke up this morning .... WTH I just drank TWO bottles of beer last night ... i think i am getting old :(( .... Alienbear Gupte called me when i was figuring out my hangover lol ... she show me a page ... the victorian gown just L$150 and look nice on pic ... so i checked the designer is Raudf Fox and went to her store DiamonX Studios ... Alienbear Gupte bought the Grace in Blue ... woo omg look soo good wowowo and then i bought Grace in purple lol heheeh .... she cant stop buy and buy hahaha she totally got 7 set lol hahah ... i just got 4 so far but i know i will get more !! ... then we went to Victorian Castle took pic ... woo see 2 girls in the pic there they also wear the same Raudf Fox dress too hahah... but too lag there ... and i still feel hangover and she fell sleepy ... so just took 4 pic ... will take more once she woke up !!!

From pic .... i am wearing is Grace Time purple L$150 ... Alienbear one is Romance Time blue L$200 which prim skirt is 170 prims ... both is flexi skirt ... awesome work and really GOOD price for Victorian Gown...

Jewelery from Alienbear Design .... Alienbear on Princesss Geiasia in baby blue ... mine one is Princess Geiasia set too but not release in the world now cause i begged her i want black on Princess Geiasia set to match one of my outfit lol ... woooo loook awesome woow... she just made it black yesterday ... may be release soon if she not lazy !!! hahaa ^^ wooo thanks and love you Alienbear <3!!!!


Alienbear Gupte said...

Silly, My black version of PRINCESS GELASIA SET already release & avaliable at 1/F Alienbear Design Formal Jewerly level now! But really thx Priate Princess Mui use her sword pointing at me to make my sets to black! as It is really look great in black. hahaha

Mui Mukerji said...

LOL hahah Ali ^^