Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Romance Time^^

Today have romantic pink feelings ...may be cause of heavy rain outside ... found DiamonX Studio Romance Time dress which make me feel i am in dream ^^ ... also found my good friend Kate McLaglen 's Edwardian Trimmed Hat to match it wooo look cute ^^... This dress with necklace and earring but i love use Alienbear Design's Cameo Set look more classy ^^ More Romance Day Dream !!!^^

Chocker and Earrings from Alienbear LeCameo Jewelery - Thin Black Velvet Cameo Set (Butterfly on Pink) L$350 per set

Hat from Hat Heaven by Kate McLaglen - Edwardian Trimmed Hate (Blush) L$100

Outfit from DiamonX Studio - Romance Time Rose L$200

Skin from Celestial Studios - (DN)Vogue - Pure (Vamp - Enchant)

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