Saturday, 11 August 2007

More Evel Twins ^^

Kimberly and I on Christine outfit

Kimberly and I on Witch Kate outfit

Anita and I on Christine outfit

My friend Kimberly Yossarian IM'ed me she in Rebel Hope haha and bought Christine outfit cause she read my blog i got it hahaha ...then i fly to there and we took pic hahah .. Evil Twins !!! ^^ and i asked her do she have Witch outfit ... she said yes and showed me woooo it look soo good on her which have 3 flexi prim skirt waaa just L$225 !!! of cause i immediatly bought it lol hahah ... took more pic !! haha

The bottom pic is in my friend Anita Cassini's place(still under construction)...i took this pic when she was afk buying cig ... see how cute she is pic in pic ^^<3

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