Thursday, 30 August 2007

Zero Style New Hair

Finally Zero Style by Rei Gully release his Style Asia fashion show's hair today !!! of cause i cant miss it !!! totally 4 new release ... to be hoest I rare get long hair but once tried Chooclate hair demo i know i must get it ... love that awesome black color not too dark and have prefect shading detail and the flexi is wonderful set they flooding soo natural and look so real ... so far it is best long hair for me ... Zero Style is my new favourite hair shop !!!! ... woo dont think i gonna take this hair off today ^^ ...OHHH WorthWhile Valley by Random Calliope moved to new place ... I found Grace Set just L25 per set omg ... I got black to match my new hair ^^

Hair from Zero Style - Chocolate (Black)

Jewelery Set from WorthWhile Valley by Random Calliope - Grace of Black L$25

Outfit from Last Call - Sidney

Skin from Celestial Studios - Vogue Skin - Pure (Canimal Glow - Red)


Arianna Psaltery said...

I love that hairstyle. Long hair is so nice ingame ;) I'll be sure to check it out :)

Mui Mukerji said...

glad u love this hair Arianna ... this is my new fav hair !!! i love his demo hair logo sign too haha which the sun is speaking DEMO ^^ haha more try demo u must find more hair u like !!