Sunday, 5 August 2007

Fun Fun Tour Day !!!

My friend Anita Cassini IM me about she just done tour and it was fun ... so I IM Malarwen wanna join next tour ... she told me next tour in 2 hrs which is the last tour ... woo i am lucky can join the last tour woooo... it was fun and i won some prize wooooo double lucky today !!!!! then Callie Cline brought us to her store and we can choose one outfit in her store what we like woooo omg omg ... wooo her shop have look great have maasss beautiful stuff !!!... really hard to choose what i like ... first i choosed the newest outfit fun-in-the-sun blue dot cause it look soo cute ^^ then i saw Orchid Bubble and with match shoe from Shiny Things in other room woo how is this dress look awesome and elegant !!! Thank your soo much Callie Cline !!! <3

Outfit from Callie Cline - Fun In The Sun & Orchid Bubble

Shoes from Maitreya - Frisky (babyblue)

Hair from ETD - Elike II (blonde blue) new texture should release soon

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scout & skye a.k.a double trouble said...

aww it was so much fun and so wonderful to meet you and anita and all the rest of the gang for the last tour. i had a great time and you all were so much fun to hang out with.

GREAT PHOTOS, you look so pretty!!!

again, i'm very happy you had so much fun, and thank you for the kind words. hope to see you real soon.